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Question about Kegels

Question about Kegels

As I am new here, I’ve been browsing around and trying to learn as much as possible. It seems that “kegels”, as described in the FAQ, are mostly done as a way of increasing sexual stamina? Is this correct? So do they have any effect on the penis growth? It seems that they are being done to keep the PC muscle fit and strong, which is not a bad thing. I’m just wondering why they are recommended as part of a size increasing program. Is there some synergistic effect on growth if you combine jelqing with kegels?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I’m learning, here, and trying to put together a good beginner’s routine. From what I gather, 10-15 minutes a day of wet jelqing plus some daily kegels seems to be in order for a newbie. How much kegeling is in order for a beginner?

Kegels can help increase sexual stamina (I’m still looking for that), but more importantly, it can increase the hardness of your erections. This is important if you gain inches because you have more meat to keep up. Not only that, but it’s just good for your health — for the prostate, I believe. Other benefits: stronger orgasms and shooting further.

As for how many kegels to do, I don’t really know what to tell you. I do them whenever I’m bored. Example: I do mine during class. Other people do them at stoplights. The more I get bored, the more I do.

I do mine while sat on the toilet once or twice a day. I guess you’ve just got to workout your own daily routine based on your circumstance‚Äôs.

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