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Question about jelqing and stretching: help please

Question about jelqing and stretching: help please

Hello all. I have been at this for about a couple months now. I think this place is great, very supportive.

My question is this: My main goal is length gains. From what I’ve read hangers are the best way to acheive this. My problem is I am not very comfortable with the idea of hangers, and I wouldn’t know how to build a reliable one. I am also doing, but not very comfortable with, manual stretching. I was wondering, what kind of results do you think I could expect if I did power jelqing for 2-4 hours throughout the day? Would this be too much? To the point of being harmful? And if it’s ok, can I expect to see length gains? Also would doing high reps of penis slapping help any? Talking 1000 or more? I have time do do these things but I would like some expert advice on whether it is worth the devotion. Any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks very much to all.

Jelqing 2-4 hours a day is way too much. Penis slapping? Sounds painful. My advice is to get a routine that you know you’ll do everyday. This could be 15 minutes of stretching and 15 minutes of jelqing, 10 minutes stretching in the AM and 10 in the PM, or whatever combo you decide upon.

About hanging, I was pretty scared to try it because I saw it as the most extreme form of PE. But after hanging for 3 weeks (with a Bib Starter), I realize that it is safe, and definitely a better overall workout than manual stretching could ever do. Check out - this thread for some hanger ideas.

And welcome to Thunders! :)

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