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question about fowfer

question about fowfer

Sorry I haven’t got time to look it up and I am thinking a long time about it now..Thinking about it often when going to sleep.

Can you sleep all night with your dick between your legs?

Won’t it cut of circulation?

Who has experienced flaccid gains of it?

Or is this exercise a “try out” until now?

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Originally Posted by Slack
Its fine. You need to read Big Girtha’s thread on it.

Exactly what slack said. I have been doing fowfers for a couple of months now and I can’t say the gains are permanent, but I do hang fuller the next day. I have never experienced any problems with doing the fowfer other then having to re-tuck due to getting a morning woody (which by the way is more often now due to PE).
I think another benefit that I have from doing the fowfer is that my balls swing more, which is something I was after anyway.

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Can doing fowfers alot and really stretching out the ligs cause you hard on to stand straight out instead of straight up when standing up of course. I mean are the ligs the part that causes the erection to stand up. Because I have only been doing them for a short time and it seems like it is not standing up quite as straight as it use to. And that would make sense if that is the case but if so than why would anyone want to reduce this built in stand up ability.

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