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question about fluid..

question about fluid..

I feel silly having to ask this but let me explain what has happened..

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve had a good jelq, rather it was nearly a month until tonight when I decided I might as well get back to it. SO….I didn’t get quite the hot wrap in that I normally did, just took a decently long bath and felt it good enough.

Jelqed for about 30 minuets i suppose.. doing some kegels + jelgs as well.. and a little stretching. I notice that I seem a little more worked than usual. My old routine was a good long heating followed by lots o jelqing (usually hour+). But after 40 minutes I look down and notice.. a bit of what i thought could only be a bit of fliud collecting a bit below/around the frenulum. This alarmed me greatly. I immediately stopped and went for a hot wrap and now like 1.5-2 hours later..(looks down).. the collection (which resembles swelling or a really evenly dispersed blister) has died down a bit but overall my unit looks ‘worked’ more than it used to after a jelqing.

So I guess I’d like my theory verified as to what it is I’ve noticed here that’s alarmed me so greatly. And I guess I’m mentioning that I will, being that I am coming off of an extended break, attempt to notice any spurts of growth with the extreme shock the little guy has been so unlucky to face as of late.

And now a couple of comments about my pe thus far, hot wraps are important, though I really like total immersion in hot water. And I BELIEVE that one should kegel ALL THE TIME, especially as a supplement to a jelq heavy routine. I’ve noticed some good gains I think, maybe abnormally good but I really am not sure as I didn’t take accurate measurements right before I started jelq’ing and then didn’t measure until at least after a month into it.

Oh ya but is my penis going to explode?

Please respond with all haste.

After taking a 1 month break, you just can’t get back into it full force as though you had just taken a days rest. If you had done this with any other exercise program from weight lifting to running, you would have just about killed yourself.

So start up slow. Don’t worry, you will come back to a full program a lot faster then if you were a newbie, but give your cock a break and give it a chance to get back into the program.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Was this swelling associated with pain? Was it the ever infamous “donut” type swelling?

You probably just jumped back in too hard, too fast. You have to ease back in to your routine. The same thing would happen to me if I just up and decided to have a 30 minute jelq or squeeze right now. :)


As a side note, I don’t think taking a long bath before PE is a good idea because the skin becomes water logged and weak, causing more irritation and fluid build up under the skin from irritation.

Therefore, I suggest no longer than 15 mins in the bath before PE. Get into the hot bath and then fill with more hot water until it is as hot as you feel you can comfortably take.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.


Hey, thanks for the responses guys.

Gprent, yes you are right one should not jump back into the action after a month like they had not missed a beat. While I did not quite do that it was definitely too much after too long.

Size, no, there was no pain whatsoever and the swelling was only on the area underneath the head.. i.e. what i suppose is around the frenulum. Now, after getting like 8 hours sleep the swelling/fluid collection is virtually gone and my unit is still in a rather nice post workout shape.

Gottagrow, about the bath, I thank you for your warning about the possible side effects of immersing yourself too long in water. Now the bath and my normal warm up are separate but similiar. My normal warm up is immersion in a container of (rather hot) water.. but it’s quite hotter than bath water can stay so I don’t have to kepe myself in water for so long. And usually for 5-10 min, as you say 15 is a bit much.

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