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Question about excercise & PE....

Question about excercise & PE....

I have a small flacid and when I excercise especially when I run or play basketball my penis shrinks, but it still gets in my way if you know what I mean. A few things I noticed while excercising:

1. Penis shrinks
2. Blood supply to penis is bare minimal
3. Penis even feels kinda cold

The questions that I have are:

1. Is this normal, do you guys experience similar things?
2. Will this hinder my PE’ing progress?
3. How do you guys with big flaccids excercise without it being too much trouble?

Thanks for your time,


p.s. I wear boxers all the time in case you were wondering.

Sometimes happens to me as well, although not as bad as before PE. I think its just a matter of blood being channeled to other parts of the body.

i have exactly the same problem and i do also think that blood flows in other parts, especially those you are exercising…

i havent found a solution to this problem (i guess our problem is the shower after sport, right? :-) )… but to prevent this hindering my pe i do some kind of hot wrap after sports…

same here

Hi Jaco,

I experience the same thing, but I think it helps in the long run. I usually PE in the morning and exercise in the evening. Sometimes I’m slack and don’t workout. My PE sessions don’t appear to be as good when I’m not working out regularly. To combat the shrinkage, it might help to take a warm shower after exercise, then do a few jelqs or get a nice erection for a few minutes. That’s my opinion. I hope it helps.

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