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Quesion to BIB,SIZEMEISTER(and others)on the uli thing

Quesion to BIB,SIZEMEISTER(and others)on the uli thing

A long time ago I bought a uli thing(sizemeisters version)from sizemeister(nice guy :) ) but for a long time,I couldnt get it to work.
My girth was just to small.Well one day I used a tie,wrapped it around the base(it was pretty thick),and the uli thing worked.Well I have been using it for a while now,and needed a way to increase the intensity(or pressure).I was using time to increase the intensity,but I can not add no more time without the risk of getting caught.I posted this same message on the ezboard forum,
but times I checked it,the ezboard forum was gone.So if anyone can help,please do so.

Also if anyone has gotten gains from just the uli thing,I would like to know your results.
Thanks all in advance.


I’m glad you finally got it to work. I was going to suggest wrapping, but it looks like you’ve already done that. Stillwantmore just suggested on another thread that doing squeezes while kneeling or standing can help with getting it more engorged.

Also, once you’ve got the uli thing on, take the part of your penis that is sticking out (which should be pretty engorged) and do some of the following things: apply heat; take your thumb and first two fingers, and gently squeeze your shaft while moving them up and down your shaft, on the top/bottom and both sides; do an OK (or use some kind of wrap) and squeeze at different points along the shaft.

Just be VERY careful if you try any of this stuff, it can be very intense and I assure you that you can hurt yourself if not careful. I think you’ve used the thing long enough that you probably know your limits. Be sure to warm up first!



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