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Pyschological reprecussions of a small penis


Pyschological reprecussions of a small penis

Let me tell you a little about myself. You may find your story similar to mine.

There is no doubt that the ladies find me attractive. I have never felt any shortcomings about my physical appearance. I’ve been the subject of many crushes, love notes, and even a few tears. I’ve been told many times, and from many different people, that I’ve got the “whole package.” Good looks, athleticism, and smarts. Of course, I’ve always had one very personal shortcoming, and you know what that is.

I don’t have, by any stretch, a tiny penis. Just a small one. Its amazing, however, the far-reaching effects that this physical characteristic has had on my life.

I generally give off two very distinct and different first impressions. Most of the time, I am labeled an arrogant and cocky little bastard. They call me an “elitist,” someone who thinks he is better than everyone else. Others, perhaps the more keen and observant people, look a little closer and notice that there is a lot going on behind my arrogant facade, some very deep-rooted insecurities.

There is, I believe, a way of life, an attitude, we should all strive for. I believe in selfishness. Those of you familiar with the works of Ayn Rand, Ralph Waldo Emerson, or Henry David Thoreau, should be able to understand this train of thought. “Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.” I want to live my life for myself, unfettered by “his or her” opinion. It is because of my inability to do so, that I regard myself with such a vehement disdain, and yes, even hatred. I hate the fact that I am tugging and squeezing my dick every night because I am afraid that someone else will not think it is big enough. I won’t make any pretense at participating in PE for some high and lofty ideal. I am doing it because I am afraid. I’ve never settled for “average.” I despise the word. No woman has ever seen my penis. I’ve been in the situation plenty of times, believe me. Everytime, I just vomit some lame excuse about the stars and heaven to keep my pants on. Its enough that I have to know that I am average. I will not let any other person know it.

I know, very well, how pathetic my situation is. I know that the majority of people who read this will just shake their heads, and that’s okay, because I’m shaking my head as I write it. Its awfully sad, guys, I know. But this is my path, I was born this way. I’m narcissistic and shallow. That being said, I really hope that all this tugging and squeezing will yield some results. Adios, I’ve got to go lift some weights.

1st off that was an impressive post. You show the years of your education clearly. Your post begs the question of where you are starting off at? If you are currently “average” then there is nothing wrong about that. Some members around here say I’m well over average and my attitude in general has been one of the worst about girls and myself of the whole board.

My first sexual experience was with a hooker my friend paid for because I couldn’t seem to do or say the right things to pull off an encounter.. After that first experience I was up to my neck in pussy, sort of an all - u - can eat type of thing. If my friend had not have set this up for me who knows how long it would have taken for me to pull off my first syrup loss. I say jump in the water brother. Get yourself a nice woman with a big ass and let her pull the soup right out of ya…

Very nice post BTW.


Very interesting post. Who is to be the judge of what is the right or perfect size for a penis. Isn’t it the man himself. First you were born to be the size you are. If you and only you want your penis to be longer or thicker, it is you to deceive. So go ahead give PE a try, you will never know until you see if it does increase your size. I suggest look for a girl that likes or loves your for the person that you are and not for the size of your penis. You may not be as small as you think you are. Maybe with the right woman your penis will surprise you. Go for it, buddy and Good luck.

I think you’ll get over feeling bad after you see some results. It’s like working out with weights for a good physique… that’s not looked at in such a taboo light as PE. Just think about your knowledge of PE as an edge, not as a weakness. You think bodybuilders are born diesel? Do they lift weights all unhappy, thinking, “I shouldn’t have to lift weights…sigh.” No, of course not.

No chick’s gotta know you PE anyway. As far as they’re concerned it was always this big. Get it? Besides….it’s fun.

Becoming.... Godsize


Nice post. Yeah I empathize with you. I passed up a lot of opportunities with girls throughout life for the same reasons. I somehow got past it on some occasions but still it would be on my mind. None of the girls I’ve ever been with ever said anything but I always felt they were thinking it.

It has really plagued many aspects of my life. As I got older I was able to (sort of) work my way through it, but it has always seemed to be a deep rooted issue.

Even recently (last 1 1/2 years) while looking at INTERNET penis size surveys and realizing I may have been average all this time after all, it was so ingrained in my mind that I was still troubled by it.

Since being at Thunders and reading others posts and GAINING size, even modestly, I can say my attitude and self esteem has risen considerably.

I know this can help make a change for you too. It takes some time, but it’s worth it.

Thanks for sharing and good luck to you.

Originally posted by Obi
There is, I believe, a way of life, an attitude, we should all strive for. I believe in selfishness.

Well, PE can surely be viewed as a selfish endeveaour but it depends a little on how you actually see it. From what you’ve written it seems clear that you’re doing this so that you’ll one day find the courage to actually show your member to someone. If that is so, then that’s not the selfishness of Rand et al. That is pure cowardice. So you’re not one of the leaders, you’re part of the flock of sheep blindly following the mass hysteria known as “opinion”. Unless you break out of your penis-related self-esteem issues that’s all you’ll ever be. (And those self-esteem issues seem to be rooted deeper than just being about your penis as revelaed by your disdain for the average.)

Now, if you were doing this as a pure act of selfrealization, that would be another matter.

Originally posted by Poppa1940
Very interesting post. Who is to be the judge of what is the right or perfect size for a penis. Isn't it the man himself. First you were born to be the size you are. If you and only you want your penis to be longer or thicker, it is you to deceive.

Was this a typo or a Freudian slip? Or did you really mean that? The first part, “born to be the size you are”, is heavily deterministic and hardly the kind of thinking one would expect from someone who frequents a PE board. And what’s this decieve?

2010-01-09: BPEL: 19,7cm [7.75"] EG: 15,0 cm [5.9"]

2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]

I almost didn’t want to reply, but what the fuck.

I think we maybe the same person but for the fact that women have seen my dick and I am not the subject of ‘the package’.

I don’t know what to do anymore, PE has not worked and I do not wish to go out with women for the same reasons as you. This is disturbing it is psychologically disturbing and painful. The chief surgeon at the plastic surgery institute here in Australia was quoted as saying that most men who wish to increase their penis size were psychologically disturbed and I agree with him, I feel disturbed about my dick and even more so that it has not grown since PE

I really have no answers, although since devoting hardly anytime to PE I feel better in the sense that I am doing other things not just work & PE. But I still have the same thoughts regarding my dick.


I have what you would call a small dick. I always wanted it bigger, but was never obsessed with it, because I never thought there was a way to increase it short of surgery. It wasn’t too bad of a problem, because the girls that I date tend to be petite themselves. Plus, my childhood girlfriend who I’ve been dating this past 5 years has a small vagina, and even with my subpar size, I still hit bottom.

Reason I am PE’ing now? I’ve always wanted a bigger dick, and I just broke up with my girlfriend, who lived with me, so now is the perfect chance. I have very reasonable goals I think, I’m about 5” NBPEL and 4 1/2” girth Erect. 6-6 1/2” NBP length will be fine for me, and about 5 1/4 - 5 1/2” girth is what I’m shooting for. Even though that is just average, I’m asian, and the girls and the circles I run in are normally asian, so it’s probably a bit above average.

That being said, I never turned down pussy because of my size. The vagina is too enticing to me. I would rather sleep with a girl, once, and have her make fun of me afterwards behind my back, then to not hit it at all. Anything for the pussy.

So I would be what you consider a small penis, and I try to show every woman my penis, if I had the chance. Get that mentality that with certain girls, the penis size isn’t everything. Give them the complete package (looks, charm, intelligence) and supplement with excellent finger skills (need to develop them immediately!) and a good tongue (only with girls you care about) and the smaller penis can be somewhat overlooked for now, till you get it bigger.

Originally posted by deeznuts

That being said, I never turned down pussy because of my size. The vagina is too enticing to me. I would rather sleep with a girl, once, and have her make fun of me afterwards behind my back, then to not hit it at all. Anything for the pussy.

That’s a very healthy attitude….sounds like my buddy. He also has what would be considered a “small penis” (less than 5” nbp, under 5” girth), but he never hesitated to whip it out whenever he had the chance. He hit an awful lot of pussy & I’m sure he never gave a damn if they talked - as long as he blasted his oils in them, that’s all that mattered.

BTW, he’s been married for over 10 years now & has 2 kids - so his li’l weinie never got in the way of his happiness. He can even openly joke about it, even in front of his wife. I really admire his easygoing attitude.

My issue was not a “little” penis, but the perception of one. In my younger days, I was a really bulked up, cut 252 pounds. Big hands, big feet….no big meat. I was 6.5” bpel on a maxed out erection (less, of course, when not severely erect), and about 5.2” girth. Actually not a bad size, but it looked smallish on me. Worse, it seems like so many gals assumed I had 8-10” (from what I gathered by their jokes about my body size, feet & hands, etc.). So, I always felt the pressure. I didn’t “avoid sex” - but I sure avoided the size queens, some of whom where hot & interested in me. So, I lived with my own issues. I’m also a “grower,” not a “shower” - so I’ve always been a little self-conscious about my “locker room size.”

Looking back on my life, just 1 more inch would’ve made me feel better, 2 would’ve made me pretty damn content. I know that sounds so shallow, and I don’t give a shit - it’s the truth. Just 2 freakin’ inches - 51 mm. I would’ve gladly traded 2” of my height for it. Hell, I would’ve given 4” of height for 2 more inches of weinie.

PE has given me 1 of those inches - still working on the second….but this all would’ve been a lot nicer say 20 years ago.

I wish you luck.

“Looking back on my life, just 1 more inch would’ve made me feel better, 2 would’ve made me pretty damn content. I know that sounds so shallow, and I don’t give a shit - it’s the truth.”

Fuck it, who’s to judge you? I don’t see wanting a bigger dick to be shallow, at all. It’s a form of self improvement, no matter how small or big you start from. That’s like calling a genius shallow, because he is continuing to educate himself, or a world record holding track star trying to improve his time still. It’s our damn dick, I’ma do with it as I please.

And I would be more than content with your starting size, it would place me in the upper echelon of my competition hehehe.

Obi, pull yourself together and discard the irrational fear. You must think like a rational self-interested person and not only talk like one or try to be one. You have the potential to be an “atlas”, yet you choose the misery of a leech. Why do you insist to rely on someone else’s opinion? Do it (PE) for your happiness and not for that of others. Are you John Galt…or…?

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

Obi, how do you think Howard Roark (from Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead)would handle this dilemma? Would he sulk over his selfishness? No way, bro. He’d do it and reap the benefits, knowing that it was right for him to have what he deserved, which were the just the fruits of his labors. It is right and just, and thankfully also, it’s free.

8/1/02: 5.75" BPEL X 4.5" EG

6/1/03: 7.5" BPEL X 5.75" EG as measured midshaft with a snapped chalk line....

Keep working at it. The increase in size is so subtle you barely see it happening. I measure once a month and always see some kind of gain.. it may be 1/8” but it encourages me to get the next 1/8”.. I have gained ¾” this way and know my next 1/8” is right around the corner! Been working at it for only 5 months (so it’s less than 1/8” per month but close). When you measure your first .5 inch increase it’s a great feeling. I KNOW I will gain 1 full inch before year end.. probably more. But you need to get started!

If you don’t start now you will wish you did later.

It’s hardest in the beginning. Then it becomes part of your normal daily routine.

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

Thanks guys, for the support. One thing about being extremely self-analytical, is that I certainly know my strenths and weaknesses. I realize I’m no Howard Roark, and I that’s the reason why I’m disappointed in myself. But its something to work for, and I try, everyday.

Obi, I’m the same way, guy, super self analytical, to the point it takes over everything I do. I’m so obsessed with my size, the outlook of my day depends on the size of my hang in the morning. I started taking goat weed every morning and have been enjoying a relaxed flaccid hang nearly all day. Puts a smile on my face. And I’m brutally average. But if that’s what it takes to be happy, so be it. Stay with the exercises and you’ll get it. And just remember, it is the larger dudes you are comparing yourself to and not the smaller ones. I have a friend who is small and chicks are all over him because of his security. Its amazing the amount of poohn this guy lands. Someone who is self analytical focuses only on the negative side of things - this is called “all or none” thinking. If you can block this and “always” thinking (for example “I am always the smallest”) you will do yourself much more good. This is a struggle for me that I am slowly overcoming. And be sure to think less with your head and more with your dick.



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