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Putting A Finger On The Science Of PE


Wow great post, looks like it was time consuming. And when trying to target the tunica you say it most be done in a “soft engorged state,” I presume this just mean partial erection?


First, WOW! This was an amazing first post. In fact, it was an amazing post altogether. I didn’t even see it til now (nearly a year after it was posted). I think this is a great read, and if anyone is interested in learning more about the PE anatomy, read and reread this post (and the links throughout). It will take some time (it took me two days), but its worth the knowledge.

Now, Jm, onto some discussion.

Originally Posted by Jm123
To get straight to the point essentially if you wish to encourage growth of the tunica it must be done in a soft engorged state. The reasons are fairly obvious as to the fact as it is iterated above, the tunica when hard is like steel. There is no elastic type properties when fully engorged. A basic analogy is like plate armor. In that it is flexible and pliable until you compress the plates; So with that in mind think of the tunica like cellular plate armor. If you are hard there is no hope in manipulating the one thing that is easy to deform that being the elastin connecting tissues as they are compressed (restricted) between the plates. Also as is apparent through out the ages getting hard does not encourage growth, or I for one, would have a 3 meter dick, as this is not the case, and PE does work, soft is the way to go for all exercises. I also believe that this extra external force on the collagen particles, from the elastin being manipulated, would encourage collagen regeneration to occur.

Wouldn’t this disagree with the massive results many men get from clamping? Clamping is considered by many the best girth-gainer out there. This is typically done in an erected state.

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Hey, been on a breather from the site for about 3-5 months just decided to drop will be back to discuss more sooner thanks.Peace

Hi!, Excellent post.. Very informative, but I have the same question as “remek”.. What about clamping?

Everybody says it makes the best girth gains and that you need to do it with a very hard penis!!

What do you think?

Gosh, today is the day I think I finally found the secret stash of PE knowledge.:woot2: First, I find out about O-bends, and then I read this article. And if I understand them both correctly, they seem to be saying the same thing: working out at lower erection levels leads to bigger gains. I feel like I am finally putting 2 and 2 together. So much of my anecdotal experience supports this.

I wonder how this applies to pumping? Conventional wisdom seems to be that pumping at low pressure with max erection is best. Would low pressure and low erection work better, or would it just be more fluid buildup?

Originally Posted by remek

Wouldn’t this disagree with the massive results many men get from clamping? Clamping is considered by many the best girth-gainer out there. This is typically done in an erected state.

I almost feel that the jury is still out on clamping. I think there was a thread a while back that asked something like “have you made gains from clamping?” There were a surpising number of people who said “No.” I think that may be the case with me. So, if you haven’t gained from clamping, working out in a soft, engorged state may be the ticket.

I know that’s my new plan.

By the way, I think this post should be moved out of the newbie forum. It might see more action in the main member forum.

Heat: I am using an infrared source. Very convenient, temperature can be adjusted by distance.

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Excellent thread btw; I am coming to similar conclusions in my thread ‘rethinking pe theory’

Later - ttt

Thanks for the great info!

But I wonder then why people gain by using pumping devices? I’ve heard that you need to be erect when pumping,therefor you should not gain allot by pumping?


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