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Pumping vs. jelq-sqeeze- why does pumping lose?

Pumping vs. jelq-sqeeze- why does pumping lose?

There seems to be a general consensus here that pumping does not work for permanent gains, whereas jelqing and squeezing and other stuff does. I am curious as to why this is the case. It seems to me that pumping forces more blood into the penis just like jelqing and sqeezing does, so why no gains?


Jelqing and squeezing applies internal pressure to the blood in the penis while pumping applies external pressure to the blood in the penis. The consensus is that the internal pressure is healthier and more beneficial. However, some long-time pumpers claim gains from pumping.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."


When you pump you are trapping blood and fluids in your penis. When you do this, (trapping blood) your penis gets depleted of oxygen, thus suffocating your penile tissues. Which is one of the causes to the many problems you can get from it like impotence for example.

Its just like what was said by J Meister about jelqing and squeezes, the majority of PE’ers say that pumping is more riskier than the other two. If I were you, I would just stick to the jelqs and squeezes. Hope I helped.


When you pump you build up fluid under the skin and stretch mostly skin whe you squeeze you truly stretching your penis from the inside out. We have a pumping section some guys really like it and think it works. Some like to use it in there PE workout. There is a some great pumping info in the pumping section


Without question pumping works (at least it did for me).

I gained about 1/2” L and 1/10” G on occasional(?) on pumping
7- 8 years ago or so.

I also agree with the risk of decreased bloodflow and oxygen while pumping, therefore it should be done in 5-10 min. sets at max.

Now I use it once in a while thrown in between the sets of manual workouts, to rest my hands and keep the dick in a good stretch in between.



Visit the Pumper’s Forum here and do some reading. There are gains, it’s just a different process. This “consensus” you refer to probably comes from those who have never pumped in their entire lives.



I respectfully disagree with the explanation that pumping applies external pressure to the blood in the penis while jelqing applies internal pressure. Pumping reduces air pressure in the cylinder, forcing more blood into the penis, making it larger. It seems that jelqing is doing something similar, using your hand to force the blood to the glans. It seems to me that the way the force is applied—outward in all directions versus along the length of the shaft toward the tip—may be the difference. Any comments?

I used to pump way back before Tom Hubbard’s site came online. Then there was only a few pumps to choose from and hardly any information on the subject.

Pumping to me was more a novelty than anything. It felt good at low pressure but I didn’t know the risks then. I had a standard bulb pump and I’d fill it with warm water for more pressure. I’d sit there for 40 mins at a time with max pressure and put tape on the air release hole so that thing would suction onto me.

I pumped for about a year because I was getting siked up about the size increase after a session. Funny how the fat schlong seemed smaller than normal the next day.

To make a long story short …

My opinion is also the oxygen. When you pump you trap the blood and hold it in for periods of time and new blood doesn’t circulate until you end the session. It’s like a turnicate trapping blood at a high pressure.

Jelqing is a constant flow of new blood and oxygen into the penis and that is what growth is all about.

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