To All,
I have combined several methods, pumping, stretching, hanging, pe weights, jelqs, fulcrum stretches, manual stretches, hanging, heat and cold. IMHO I believe they all have benefits. I think that dedication, discipline and a keen eye on the PI idex are the keys.

Good luck to all,

Commitment, Dedication And A Positive Attitude (measure gains on rest days) My Motto: "fill her up!".

2007-05-13 BPEL=7.250 EG=5.500 FL=5.500 FG=4.000 EW=1.751 EV=17.452

2008-03-01 BPEL=8.250 EG=6.250 FL=7.875 FG=5.500 EW=1.989 EV=25.645