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Pulling from the middle of the shaft/close to the base instead of the glans...

Pulling from the middle of the shaft/close to the base instead of the glans...

Is it just me, or does pulling from the middle of the shaft (close to the base) instead of all the way at the end (by your glans) seem to hit the ligs a lot more easily when manual stretching?

Or does this just stretch the skin?

Yesterday I bruised my head a little doing a very intense stretch (pulling from all the way at the end as usual), and it felt too sore to go on to jelqing..but I got too tired and didn’t end up jelqing at all last night (bummer).

So today I decided to try to just pull from the middle of the shaft as hard as I could (since the head is still a little sensitive), and believe it or not, I did feel a stretch, and it seemed to be hitting the ligs (or at least it seems like that).

Is this a redudant thing to do? When I the pull from the middle of the shaft/close to the base, am I just feeling a pull on the skin, or am I actually stretching the ligs this way?

I can understand that doing this would probably do absolutely nothing for the tunica, but I seem to feel something going on near the ligs by the base, and since I don’t have to worry about bruising my friggin glans, I can hold this stretch for as long as I want, and pull as hard as I want as well.

The only problem I saw from this was that I immediately got tiny little red spots on the middle of my shaft (around the area I was gripping/pulling from).

I haven’t seen too many people talking about performing a manual stretch this way, and was just wondering what the reason behind that was.

I hope someone can enlighten me..

I certainly don’t have the PE experience of the regular posters but that’s the way I stretch. I have the exact same problem with the head being too sore to stretch from the end and have found that I get very good lig pull as you described similar to when I hang.


I’m curious as well, this is exactly how I’ve been stretching to avoid bruises and marks. My girlfriend already asked about them once and I blamed the marks on her giving me too hard of a hand job……………lol.

Don’t think I can get away with it twice though. ;)

Interesting you should bring this up!

I have been toying with this idea for the past week.

I have been doing the manual pulls from the middle of the shaft during the night for about 20 min by pulling a few minutes in each direction.

I do jelging in the morning after taking a shower followed by two or three 10 min sets of regular pulls later in the day about 2 hours apart from each other.

My goal is to gain a 1/16 of an inch by adding this method by the end of the month.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had any thoughts / results by pulling from the middle of the shaft.

I’ve been thinking about this lately. I have been stretching by my glans and I just can’t help but put pressure on the top, right behind the head. I have heard people say that this can cause damage to the dorsal nerve, and now I’m paranoid that I have damaged it, because even when erect, I feel little or no sensation when touching this area. I find, however, that I can only get my most intense stretch when gripping the glans.

Skin shifting up...

I’ve noticed a down side to pulling from the middle of the shaft.

I’m circumcized, and when I pull and hold from the middle, the skin at the top of the shaft (below the glans) moves up to the head. Based on other threads I have read, when you force the skin below the head to go over it or “tuck” itself right around the glans, this can lead to the reformation of foreskin (something I definitely do not want).

Ah well. So much for pulling from the middle for me to avoid making my clans irritate….

No pain no gain right?

I used to worry about foreskin developement, but I just don’t care anymore. People who practice foreskin restoration techniques take a long time to achieve full results, so I doubt that any unitentional exercise that I do will cause any drastic results.

Plus, I don’t really mind having a little extra skin on my shaft.

I just remembered posting this thread. I know it is 2 weeks old and probably shouldn’t be bumped up, but I realized I never got any thorough answer or response from one of the mods or vets regarding my questions..

Following the “LOT revolution” by Bib, I’ve been focusing more on attacking my tunica, mostly by doing a pulling straight out manual stretch.

This has done a number on my glans (which is currently getting all bruised up everytime I’m done with the pulling-straight-out exercise).

But if I can get some confirmation from the “big boys” :D that pulling from the middle will still yield a decent stretch on the ligs/tunica, then I’d definitely want to use this method for stretching in order to reduce/eliminate the irritation on my glans (which I recently have been bitching about in SS4Jelq’s tunica thread).

So anyone care to answer the concerns I have spewed out above?

Achived Goal +

Well I finally got around to checking for any progress made using this idea and I actually was stunned to find I had gained a full 1/8” this month.

I was stuck at 6 7/16” BP for a long time and now I’m currently at 6 9/16” BP.

I’m still using this routine based on pulling from the middle:

Manual pulls from the middle of the shaft during the night for about 20 min by pulling a few minutes in each direction.

Jelging in the morning after taking a shower.

The only thing I changed was instead of doing two or three regular pull sets was to continue pulling from the base/middle for two or three 10 min sets later in the day about 2 hours apart from each other.

Other than the 1/8” gained I noticed a little bit of a baseball bat look to my member when flaccid.

I’m going to continue this for the month of April and see if I can get more of the same results.

I can really feel the effects on my ligs after each workout using this method!

J384 and Insane Man, you guys are nuts! Worried about getting back? Im terrified of ever having to lose mine!!

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

Originally posted by popp
J384 and Insane Man, you guys are nuts! Worried about getting back? Im terrified of ever having to lose mine!!

Well, then I guess you’re the same in reverse.

Insane Man- If you feel your are losing sensitivity then take a break- the longer you work out the worse it will get, If you catch it now and lay off for a while then your sensitivity will return and you will be back to PE in no time. The longer you aggravate it the more nerve damage you can and will do plus the longer it will take to heal . Trust me I started PE back 1999 and have had to suffer pretty much every common injurey imaginable to the point where I saw a Dr and took two years off. I am fine now but had I listened to my bodies warning signs in the beggining I would have healed quicker and would be closer to my goal. FYI it is probally better for you to stretch or jelq by using a reverse OK grip , meaning your OK sign should be facing your base and your fingers not bieng used should face the glans. This will help avoid any undo stress on the dorsal nerve. It was only when I applied the “standard” grip that I would notice any desensitizing.Hope this helps


I do stretches pulling near the base while semi erect for a combination uli/stretch. Works for me. I’m uncicumcised so I don’t get a skin stretch problem. Skin stretch is pretty easy to feel though (try just grabbing the skin and pulling to get an idea).

If you are stretching near the base you are putting force on less of the tunica and I for one can’t add the extra force required by applying a v-stretch mod. So though you are closer to the ligs you are probably not in a position to stress them as much. The angle you stretch at is likely to make a bigger difference on the stress placed on the ligs.

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