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Pubic fat and overweight (I need opinions)

Pubic fat and overweight (I need opinions)

Hi, i am posting this thread because, i am missing only gains of 0,8 cm (0,3 inches) for my goal of 8 inches bp. I am a regular structure guy ( 158,4 pounds and 5´8¨ of height, I know I am ok) and I am expecting to lose 11 pounds. Moreover my pubic fat measures 0,6 inches.

My question is: What are you estimations of pubic fat loss if I lose the 11 pounds???????

If anyone here pass trought the experience of losing weight: How much do you lost and how it influenced over your pubic fat???

Well, I am very anxious cause I think that with this loss, and more PE exercises I can reach to my goal.

Thank you, I need opinions please.

Outstanding site!!! (sory about my english, I am studing this language and this site is helping a lot with that indeed)


inicio: bpel 19cm eg 13,8 medidas: 3-12-04(despues de 4 meses) : bpel 20,05cm eg 14,03cm 2-3-05 : bpel 20,05cm nbpel 19 cm eg 14,03cm 26-3-05: bpel 21 cm nbpel 19,5 cm eg 14,5 cm

It differs from person to person. Especially since you didn’t tell us how much body fat you have, it would be hard to tell how much you’d lose. What it comes down to, even in the best situation, you losing 11 lbs. might make you lose .1-.2” off your fat pad. Some people lose it there quicker than others, just like some girls maintain more fat in their ass than some other girls do.

For me personally, I retain more fat pad even when I am thinner. Some guys have a 1/2” fat pad but mine is over an inch even when I am in my hardbody stages. I would probably need to lose 30+ lbs to get it down far enough.

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A guy here had good results with Lipostabil.

Decrease bf% and weight with cardiovascular training.

The general rule of how fat works is that the first place it goes on is the last place it comes off. Thus, I have no idea how much weight you would have to lose. If your fat pad is only 0.6”, how much are you hoping to trim off of that? Most men have fat pads of 1” or more.


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