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Pubic Area Fat Accumulation

Pubic Area Fat Accumulation

Hi again, my next question is related to the accumulated fat layer under the skin of the pubic area. I think it is a common problem for all of us. As the age increases, that pubic fat causes some length of penis base to be buried and hidden under the skin. This makes our cocks nearly 1” shorter than actually they are. The only remedy to eliminate this unnecessary fat layer is to have some surgery I think. What do you think?


You could also just loose weight and get fit. That being said, I myself may consider liposuction of lower abs and pubic fat pad once I get to a reasonable goal weight.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I think some of my gains have come due to weight loss. I’ve lost 10 lbs since the beginning of this year and I have 10 more to go. So hopefully that will equate into another inch or so.


Yes, trimming down overall …your whole body by starting cardio workouts a few times a week would be a better and longer lasting solution than surgery. Far as I know the lower eyelids are about the only areas of the body where fat cannot be lost or reduced by changes in diet and exercising.

You should try doing sit up and leg lifts. That and losing weight will take off fat from that area.

Fat can not be burned by training a target area. You must lower your overall bodyfat percentage to show definition in any area of the body. This is best achieved by the right combination of weightlifting and cardio. A study has proven that the combination of the two burns the most fat, second would be weightlifting alone, and suprisingly, cardio alone will burn the least (still worth doing though).

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The only remedy is to get off your ass and quit eating crap.



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Thanks guys, I think I have to eat less and concentrate on cardio and lower abs work-out.

Originally posted by UberGoober
The only remedy is to get off your ass and quit eating crap.


ROFLOL!! We are so damn nurturing!

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