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PS-2 (Root Wrecker)

PS-2 (Root Wrecker)

!!!Warning!!! Extremely Dangerous Erect Technique.
Only for Veteran nut-balls.

I have been doing something for about a month that leaves the base of my penis at the site of the suspendatory ligament attachment very sore and it only takes a couple of minutes.

1) When fully erect, grab the base of the penis like you would grab a handlebar with one of your hands. Your thumb and forefinger should be pressed firmly up against your body. You are basically making a fist around the base of your penis.

2) Grab the end (or what’s left) of your penis with your other hand and make a fist around it. The thumb and forefinger of this hand should be facing away from the body.

3) With both hands (very gently at first) push down hard while you are doing a reverse keggal. Keep the penis level. Imagine you are trying to push your penis down to the ground (separating it from your body) while keeping it level.

It gets worse. Only proceed if you are a little crazy.

While doing the above, do an upward or downward erect bend with hand number 2. If you push down HARD with hand number 1 while doing a reverse keggal and do an erect bend with hand number 2 you will get a stretch you will remember.

You can also push or pull to either side to hit different ligs.

Proceed with caution,


Oh, I will not be offended if this post is pulled but although this exercise is danger cubed I have had no sign of injury or acute pain. I am however very experienced and I can imagine the worst with a newbie.

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