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Proud to be average!


Lui, you say you are dating some sexy girls now. Any feedback on your dick or your performance from these girls?

nothing wrong with average..average is 6 right? 6.5 is above

NOW: 4.3 Flaccid Length 7.0 Erect Legth

The dating girls thing has seemed better, but I don’t think I’m at a point where they’d comment on anything, as I’m not above average in any way.

My confidence however has been boosted.

I don’t know if average is 6” nbp or bp, but I’m at 5 and 7/8 nbp and it drives me crazy to not quite reach the 6” mark. Although it would make no practical difference to have that extra 1/8 inch, it sure would make me feel better.

This is a fairly interesting thread for a forum based on “penis enlargement”. Anyway, penis size is a very interesting thing. Many men on this forum started at large or above average size to begin with, more than large enough to not be made fun of by other guys and please all but the most descriminating of women (re: size queens). Many other men, even after hitting their “goals”, continue to increase their sizes because they still feel small. Sometimes I wonder how of a difference there would be in sexual performance if average sized men simply felt more comfortable with their bodies, as larger men tend to do. Anyway, I’ve had no complaints at 6.1x5, though a little more girth would be great ;) It seems like most of the surveys that put average closer to 6 tend to be BPEL while those closer to 5 end up being NBPEL. All surveys tend to agree with a girth just a bit under 5 though.

Hi Lui

I too felt somewhat deprived with my 5 x 5 1/4 dimensions, despite a fair amount of success and 36 years of marriage. Even joking taunts by SO about being less than average felt like salt in a wound. I started PE in March, and amazingly quickly reached 6 1/2 x 5 1/4, but girth didn’t seem to improve. Now I’m clamping, and I’m up to 5 1/2. The reactions from SO are beginning to improve too.

Keep it up!

The time for procrastination is NOW! Start date: 2005/3/15 BPEL 5" EG 5.25" 2005/05/17 BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5"

In 5 months of doing the newbie routine even being a lazy bastard and all. I went from a little over 5 inch el and 4eg now I am at 6 1/4 inch el and 5 1/4 fg havent measured eg lately. It feel so good to be avrage. But I have passed average and it feels even better.

8-13-05 6.25 inch bpel (not really bone pressed too much fat for that, just what I can measure) 6 5/8th in pump 5.25 inch eg 8-14-05 6 7/8 inch in pump at same 8-10 hg. 8-19-05 7 inches even in the pump. Going for 8x6 but will be happy with 7x6.


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