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proper/improper horse or uli squeezes?

proper/improper horse or uli squeezes?

The other night I tried to do some horse or uli squeezes(don’t know the difference) and while performing them I noticed a little swelling up. Now I know I’ve read people saying girth really balloons up while performing these but how much. I’d say my girth probably went up maybe 1/2 in. or so, so does that seem about right or should it be more.

That to me would be an indication of whether or not I’m performing them properly. I spend crazy time hanging, and can’t get my length to do sh#%*t :cuss: So I figure why lose so much time when I could be gaining girth goals.

Thanks in advance

1/2 is good IMO.

In a intense routine (primed for weeks so I can take it) I can get about 2/3” pump or so, but dont go for that if you are new at this exercises.

When jelqing I can get 4/5” but that is because of the swelling of the skin and outer layers of the dick, and I mostly squeeze because of that, which works the core of the dick better IMO.



I also had this swelling of the skin after jelquing and ulis (the time i was on… now i am off because of an injury…. for any details look at chiĀ“s post: first injury… and rare one too)… however…. do you feel this swelling to be healthy? you said you want this swelling? but it is not a permanent gain! or is this swelling an indicator of girth growth?


Skin swelling is not an indication on growth jaco.

However, skin stretching is good cause it means the skin gets out of the way (when flexible and “loose” enough) for the underlaying tissues when we try to expand them.


ulis and horses

Hey T-Rex, the difference between ulis and horses is that with ulis you grab with a tight ok posture near mid shaft (actually I think you can grab closer to base or head to focus it more) and then pull forward engorging shaft and head. With horses you grab firmly near the base and then make a tight (small) ok sign with your other hand and try to “jelq” the blood out of the head with it. I think most guys find this very difficult and they just press on their heads. The idea is to move the blood from the head to the rest of the shaft without letting any of it escape through the base. Preety scary if you ask me.

With ulis you can develop a large “snake head”, with horses you can put a lot of internal pressure on the shaft.

I tried both during my experimentation stage but I decided they were way to intense for a newbie like me, so I cant really comment on them. Take care.


I do Uli’s and horse squeezes in each workout ( for 6 months) and I do the uli and horse mixed together in at least one or 2 sets.. Never too much swelling, however while I’m squeezing there is some swelling and I stay plump for about 5 to 10 minutes but hey it’s been working. I just think everybodies unit reacts differently.. For example I really don’t wake up with raging hard ons but I am still seeing girth gains.but I can’t get legnth up for nothing. But you know what they say the right girth puts in the right work (as long as ur at least over 6 inch)

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