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Proper Base Grip For Horse Squeezes

Proper Base Grip For Horse Squeezes

Just wondering because I’ve read a lot, seen Gandolf’s videos, and I have been doing squeeze-type exercises for a couple of weeks now. I just can’t use the same grip as Gandolf does when he is doing a horse squeeze. I use a palm-down grip with my thumb and index finger snug up against my body. When I try to do it Gandolf’s way, I can’t trap the blood as well. Is there a sure-fire way to pinch the base off properly every time? Or should I just use a cockring?

As far as progress goes, it’s really really slow. I can feel that I’m doing the squeezes right, but my dick just stays the same. I’ve been PEing for seven months and haven’t made gains that are all that dramatic, although I can “feel” that I’m doing something right, I can’t help but think I’m doing something wrong. A lot of other PEers seem to be leaving me in the dust. It’s frustrating.

Yes, it is much easier to trap blood with an inverted (palms down) grip. However, the vast majority of the “pump” from horse squeezes comes from the compression. I, personally, can not get enough force when I use an inverted grip. Don’t think a cockring will help you. Just try and get your fingers as close to your pubic bone as possible, and squeeze as hard as you can right after you kegel. After I kegel, my dick immediately plumps up and when I do an OK grip it’s easy to trap it all in. You do kegel before each rep, right?

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Yup. I kegel all the blood I can in there. Don’t get me wrong, these squeezes are working and I can feel the little pin-prickly feeling of my shaft stretching down to the fiber, but I was just wondering if there was any other way to do it that is better, or would give better results. I have a tendency to think that I’m doing everything wrong because I don’t think I’m gaining as fast as others.

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