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Propecia and its affects on PE


Propecia and its affects on PE


I’m considering going on Propecia for hair loss and I’m wondering about its affects on PE. Its a DHT inhibitor and I’ve read before that DHT “could” be a contributor to tissue growth.

Are there any Propecia users out there that are having positive results(penis growth)with PE?


Interesting question. I would think that if there is any effect on pe with propecia that it would not be favorable. Any other thoughts from the PHD’s or bichemist here?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

The active ingredient in propecia is finasteride, Cya at 8 posted this study on finasteride and penile tissue ->

Not exactly encouraging.


In the normal control group of this study, the elastic fibers in the tunica albuginea were very rich and arranged regularly and undulatedly. In the castration group, the thickness of tunica albuginea decreased significantly and the elastic fibers were mostly replaced by collagenous fibers and in the DHT-inhibited group, the elastic fibers were replaced by disorganized and thick collagenous fibers. These results indicate that androgen is also essential for the maintenance of the normal structures of tunica albuginea.

I´ve personally been on finasteride for 5 years and I´m now on the even more potent DHT-inhibitor dutasteride. This study, among other things, is making me rethink and I´m now cutting down and plan to quit DHT-inhibitors within a few months, with a period of leveling down.

At any rate a DHT-blocker wont be positive for PE or for libido.

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So, does this apply for a supplement such as Saw Palmetto, for instance? I think I read that it lowers DHT, and hence is good for hair loss, since hair follicles aren’t exactly huge fans of DHT. I take about 320 mg of saw palmetto every day, so I was wondering what anyone’s thoughts were about it.

- d_s

It stands to reason that if something lowers DHT it may have the same consequences, then I haven´t really looked into Saw Palmetto since the results from it are supposedly not that great as they should be in theory. Maybe that´s a good thing when it comes to the side effects described above.

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Alright, cool. Kind of sucks that DHT has both benefits and drawbacks, but I guess that’s just the way things are sometimes. In the end, it seems as if you just have to weigh the pros and cons of the various DHT blockers and see what is most important; whether it is getting a bigger dick, or controlling hairloss, etc.

There is always minoxidil.

That study was on rats given the equivalent to hundreds of milligrams per day. Not exactly comparable to a human taking 1mg per day. I’m taking Finasteride, and am not worried a bit.

All Fin does is block 5ar. More isnt going to do anything past that. I believe the length of the test may interest you as well. This study was designed only to show the relationship between DHT and the penis.

Your level of intake might not effect your penile structure to much later. The choice is yours to make. There is more studies that indicate this as well.

when they do studies on animals and use ridiculous dosages, the value is entirely lost.

Like the study on saccharine where they gave the equivalent dose of thousands of cans of diet soda per day to rats. In the third generation of these rats, there was an increase in cancer. This prompted a warning label on all foods containing saccharine.

You’d have a very good chance of dying if you drank more than a gallon of water all at once. Is that a contra-indication for drinking water in normal amounts?

Originally posted by MDC
That study was on rats given the equivalent to hundreds of milligrams per day. Not exactly comparable to a human taking 1mg per day. I'm taking Finasteride, and am not worried a bit.

You´re right MDC, the rats were fed 4.5mg fin per kilo bodymass, as I understand it. Of course rats have different metabolism than humans too, and different life span, that also comes into play.

Anyway, there´s not much difference between how much DHT 1mg and 5mg blocks in humans and I doubt there´s that much difference between higher doses either. So if the DHT-inhibition is the only think that matters then we´re in trouble nevertheless.

Minoxidil work in a different way, so it´s a good complement to a DHT-blocker. What I would like is a local blocker, applied topically, instead of orally where it affects the whole system. Then we wouldn´t have to worry about how it affects the penile structure but reap the benefits of scalp inhibition.

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I used Finasteride to combat hair loss while taking AAS. I bought 5mg Proscar tabs (much cheaper than buying Propecia!) and used a pill cutter to cut them into 1.75mg each. It’s important to know that this drug only prevents hair loss by blocking the DHT metabolites from testosterone, not other steroids.

I have friends that use Propecia to combat hair loss. The number one side effect I hear them complain about was erectile difficulties.

PE and Finasteride do not go well together.


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“123 men with symptoms of andropause participated in a randomized, placebo-controlled study to assess the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) gel in men with andropausal symptoms. The drug was administered transdermally once a day during six months. Early morning erections improved significantly (p < 0.003) in the DHT group by the three-month control, the ability to maintain erections was better, and there was also a positive effect on libido. In the patients with a elevated (> 12) international index of the prostatic symptoms score (I-PSS) before DHT treatment, I-PSS decreased from 17.7 to 12.3 points.”

The reason for this is that low DHT was the cause of their ED. Andropause is the lowering of the LH signal hormone to the testis. This causes lower testosterone levels and thus lower DHT levels.

Hey rocco and the other guys here are some good topical lotions for hair loss

The first is Crinagen with 5% azelaic acid it has saw palmetto in it too for local effect only do a search on it for more information or try

Just look for crinagen 5% azelaic acid

You can order it from this link…-ssl-raztec.htm


Xandrox lotion which is 5% Minoxidil and 5% Azelaic acid and Retin-A.
Also from the same site there is 12.5% Xandrox Lotion which is 12.5% minoxidil!!! It comes in a cream form. You can check these out at

I just received mine and its too early to tell but it’s got to be better then standard 5% minoxidil.I also take 1.25 fin for the last 3 years and I might start taking that every other day know since I got the lotions.

I know it seems like I’m plugging these business but that’s not my intentions I’m just trying to help the guys who are losing their hair I know what it is like and it fucking terrible so I hope this helps guys.

Thanks pumpin4big1,

I´ve been monitoring the hairloss business for many years now and keep up to date, so much up to daet that I had forgotten about the older mixtures out there. So thanks for reminding me. I´ve alays disregarded them because I think they´re overprized and because I got scalp problems from regular minox alone, azelic acid wont help with that. But I´ll look into it again.

Another thing is that I don´t want to use too many things, because then the hair may become dependant on every substance you´re using and you have to keep on using them. Minox is one of those substances, and I´m using that already.

I get my minox from New Zealand, Headway 5%, it´s pretty cheap over there. But then it´s cheap enough in US too, it´s just we Europeans who gets it in the ass, pricewise.

Good luck btw :)


not to be a smartass or anything, but how did you split 5mg to become 1.75mg parts? I can split them in 1.25mg by splitting them in fours or 1.67mg by splitting in 3, but 1.75 I haven´t been able too ;)

It´s excelent advice to buy proscar instead of propecia and split it, I did the same thing. For even cheaper fin you can buy from India at half the price or better. Costed me like 8 bucks a month when I did that.

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