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Propecia and its affects on PE

Luvdadus is right, it’s not good. It not only lowers DHT levels (which effects hair loss), it also lower your testosterone level. If you are young and have a normal to high level, you may not notice the effect. If you are 40 or over, it may effect your erections and sex drive.

Take your pick. Full head of hair or a dick that works.

It’s not neccessarily a choice. The incidence of “sexual side effects” is 1-2%. I am not willing to give up a working penis for a little more hair, but I’m willing to give finasteride a try.

I bought generic proscar from India and am quartering them. I got 60 for $40, and they double shipped. That works out to under $6 per month($3 since they shipped twice as much).

I’ve been using Minoxidil since about 8 years ago, and have plenty of extra hair(shoulders and upper back) to show for it. The hair on my head seems to be much thicker than when I started, but my hairline hasn’t improved. This is the reason I’m trying finasteride. If it does nothing, or causes bad side-effects for me…….I’m not stupid.

i have been told that when taking finasteride or dutasteride you lower your DHT levels by a % depending on your dosage and thus increasing your testosterone due to the blocking of testestorone to DHT.But i will have to say i was on 5 mg of finasteride for a couple of month and my libido went to hell and i’m only 21 so DHT plays some very important roles in the body its just a shame that it tend to form high concentration in the scalp:(


5mg per day!?!?! The incidence of side effects with Proscar(5mg) are much higher than Propecia(1mg). Some men do experience unwanted side effects with lower doses though.

Man, I am sounding like a study myself now. I need to take a break on reading those things before I end up talking that way in real life!!!

Its really up to you. Everybody has to make choices for themselves. I totally respect that in people.


pumpin is right, fin actually increases the free T in the body while it ihbibits DHT. It´s the inhibition of DHT together with an increase of E that causes the erectile problems, not the change in T.

Here´s a study to show that T increases ->…_propecia_3.cfm

“Since the regression slope for finasteride described a greater increase in PSA per unit change in DHT compared to the slope for megestrol plus estrogen, which lowers both DHT and T, finasteride, despite its drastic lowering of DHT, may have a modest residual androgenic effect related to its effect on tissue T.”


I think the numbers are higher than 1-2% in reality, it´s very hard to appreciate that when you´re in a study and it´s a sensetive thing so some people don´t want to report that either. That said I´m all for trying it, I have myself and I´m willing to try other coming attractions as well, just want to make sure people are as informed as possible here. I´m sure you agree with that.

I have a study here that shows that DHT inhibition is roughly the same from doses 0.05, 0.2, 1 and 5 mg fin. So if DHT inhibition is the same and that is was causes sexual side effects then those should be the same as well. Unless it´s the placebo effect from taking a higher dose that comes into play, that you would expect to get more side effects from a higher dose.

It appears that there´s one point where the inhibition kicks in and from that point a higher dose will just add a smaller and smaller inhibition, so the difference between 5mg and 10mg would be much smaller than the difference between 0.5mg and 1mg.…propecia_13.cfm

Finasteride at doses of 0.01, 0.05, 0.2, 1 or 5 mg per day suppressed scalp-skin DHT. In men taking 0.05-5mg per day of oral finasteride, scalp-skin DHT was reduced between 56 and 69 percent from baseline. In men taking placebo, scalp-skin DHT decreased by 13 percent. Other than the group taking 0.01 mg, no significant differences between the doses were seen; however, significant differences were seen between the groups that received finasteride (not including 0.01), and the group that received placebo.

Here are two other studies about propecia and proscar, meaning 1mg and 5mg of finasteride. Sexual side effects are higher with 5mg, but both in the placebo group and the actual fin group.…tml#sideeffects…tml#sideeffects

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been on finasteride for 3 years

I have used 1/3 tablet of finasteride for 3 years. My penis girth has gone from a little under 6” to 7”. I also don’t believe that it has affected my libido at all and I am in my mid 40’s. My erections are as hard as when I was a teen. I am also a bodybuilder (natural) and my strength and size are the same (if not better) than when I started the finasteride.
Your testosterone supposedly goes up a bit while your dht is greatly reduced. I am not an expert on dht, but for me, I do not see any adverse effects. As far as hair benefits, my hairloss is in my crown…not bald, but thin. It has not totally reversed the baldness, but seems to have slowed or stopped the progression. At least, I hope it has.
I hope that it is not hurting me, but for me, it was worth the risk, because hairloss was causing me major depression.


Welcome to the board kcee!

Those are damn good gain in the girth department, songrats on those. I´m glad to hear that you haven´t noticed any side effects. I haven´t either really but I´m still thinking it could be slow poison and I would feel much better of I saw a study on long term users, where they took biopsys (sp?) from the penile tissue and compared to non-users, to see how it affect humans.

Since enlarged prostate is very common among men there should be no shortage of subjects, though I assume many take other medication too that would interfere.

I didn´t notice any difference in bodyfat or strenght from fin or dut either, so that´s good.

Hairloss IS a bitch, that much is certain, has caused me lot of grief and still do to a point.

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I am sure the makers of those 5ar inhibitors are ready to see that too. I’ll bet they’ll even order it themselves.

That new one blocks both types of 5ar.

Originally posted by Rocco
not to be a smartass or anything, but how did you split 5mg to become 1.75mg parts? I can split them in 1.25mg by splitting them in fours or 1.67mg by splitting in 3, but 1.75 I haven´t been able too ;)

It´s excelent advice to buy proscar instead of propecia and split it, I did the same thing. For even cheaper fin you can buy from India at half the price or better. Costed me like 8 bucks a month when I did that.

I realize you don’t *mean* to be a smart ass, but I know you can’t help it —lol ;) It was a typo —Thanks for catching it.

Thankfully, I have a full head of hair and don’t have to worry about taking finasteride, using minoxodil or azelaic acid (which smells terrible by the way).

If you start using Minoxidil, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to use it forever. My training partner used Minoxidil since it was first out on the market (it was not in solution back then, the pharmacist had to crush it then make a solution using alcohol). When he stopped using the product his hair fell out in clumps. He’s now completely bald :o


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Originally posted by JAPP
I realize you don't *mean* to be a smart ass, but I know you can't help it —lol ;) It was a typo —Thanks for catching it.

Thankfully, I have a full head of hair and don't have to worry about taking finasteride, using minoxodil or azelaic acid (which smells terrible by the way).

If you start using Minoxidil, I'm pretty sure you'll have to use it forever. My training partner used Minoxidil since it was first out on the market (it was not in solution back then, the pharmacist had to crush it then make a solution using alcohol). When he stopped using the product his hair fell out in clumps. He's now completely bald :o

lol, you know it ;)

Be happy about that head of hair, it´s a source of too much obsession when it starts to go, which happend at 17 for me, bah. I still have most of it though, got on minox at 19 and fin at 21.

Right, that must have been loniten that your friend took, oral minox, though he got it mixed to a topical. That must have been pretty groundbreaking back then. Why did he quit?

If one is really crazy it´s possible to take Loniten orally for hairloss, but it´s NOT recommended.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

My hairline is doing fairly well, but if family patterns hold it will regress as I age. I don’t care. This summer I bought some clippers and buzzed it down to about 1/8” all over. Sometimes even shorter. Feels great. No combing. No “bad hair days.” No health concerns about manipulating DHT levels - just plain bald(ish) freedom. Yeah!! Try it.

In a cutting frenzy I even buzzed off my chest hair (I’m pretty hairy). Feels good too.

That´s cool hobby, how old are you?

I think I would have been a lot more comfortable with it had it happend later in life, at 17 one is still very impressionable and learning about life and all that, probably did a lot more damage to me because of my young age than it should have. Hell, there´s enough insecurity at that age without that sort of crap. One shouldn´t have to think about hairloss before one 30´s, at the very earliest.

I just look mean when I buzz my head, except when I smile, then I look like a clown. I have pretty intense eyes so I kind of need hair to look less like a psychokiller :p

A trimmer is a good investment anyway though, for trimming the rest of the bodyhair.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

I’m 32. So far hair loss isn’t a problem. My temples show a little more then they used to. I remember a guy in high school who had a noticeably receding hairline in his Junior year. Ouch. He probably has a complex. :)

I look mean no matter my hairstyle, so I’ve been told. :) Oh well. I thought I looked goofy as hell when I first clipped it off. I probably did until my scalp tanned. Then I no longer appeared to be a boot camp reject.

I’m used to it now and have received compliments from friends, relatives, and more importantly, women. I’ve made it a policy not to discuss my relationships here, but I will say that my buzzed hair was a key factor in hooking up with a gal who has a fetish for guys with short hair. Now, if that only worked all the time….

A Propecia/PE success story


I’ve responded on this issue before, but I’ll state my personal results again. I’ve been using propecia for about 6 years with great success with no sexual side effects other than a reduction in my normal cum load. I’ve never had any libido change, problems with impotence or any other unpleasant outcomes. My erections through the years have also maintained their normal status. I always prided myself on a thick head of wavy/curly hair, so when I started to thin out in my mid forties, I decided to do something about it.

I first tried Minoxidil, but I didn’t like the drying out effects that it had on my hair and scalp. Plus after about two years of use, I noticed that it was not working nearly as well as it did in the beginning. Thus, I moved on to propecia fully aware of the 1-2% of potential sexual side effects.

Good news is that it has worked extremely well. My hair thinning stopped and I also regained hair growth in areas which had thinned out even while using minoxidil. So, 6 years later I still have a nice full head of hair and expect to keep it for the rest of my life.

Now, through all of the 6 years of propecia use, I started active PE’ing about 3 years. Since I’ve gained more than 2 inches each in both length and girth, I can personally vouch for the fact that propecia use did not affect my ability to make my dick larger. Now, unless propecia prevented me from gaining 4 inches in length (LOL), I am extremely happy with the hair maintenance and restoration results and my ability to still grow my dick through it all.

I hope this personal report helps those who are considering propecia use and are worried that they won’t be able to make PE gains. The Propecia/PE combo has worked successfully for me.



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