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Hey guys

Let me just start by saying I reached my first goal 2 months early. I got flaccid results from pumping for a couple of months but no erect gains. I added some exercizes to my routine with help from DLD and Gandolph. My original goal was 0.5 girth in three months. Fortunately I reached that in one month of serious, consistent Peing. I have complained to this Forum about my thin pencil prick (4.0 at the base) and you guys pulled me through and gave me great advice. After only 1 month my base is up to 5.0 and I’m ecstatic. I am going to stick to my current workout as I am seeing positive results but would like to add exercises to increase my mid shaft girth(4.25). I have read information about the ULI’s a hundred times. I just don’t get it. It basically seems like a JELQ and then squeeze. But I can’t seem to get it. It seems a lot easier when I actually enjoy or get into an exercise. Thanks again for your help.

Keep it up

Congratulation! It is so cool when you really start to see that this shit works isn’t it? Keep on keepin on!

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Glad we could help. Gaining base girth seems to be my specialty too, I have gained almost an inch since starting in august, which completely blows away any other gains I have made. About the uli, I do them a little different than most here. Heres my verbal description, or you can also watch the uli video I made. Once again, no one here can agree exactly on this maneuver so I might be telling you something a little different than other people have.

Get a full erection, I usually do this after jelqs so I am pumped up. I also like to “edge” a few times, or jack off tillI almost cum. Now you then kegel as much blood into your dick as you can, trap it at the base with an inverted ok grip, and squeeze. Sometimes more than one kegel is necessary. I squeeze and “try” to force the blood upwards towards my head. If done like I explained, you wont be able to. A tremendous amount of blood will be in your dick and your hand will remain very close to the base no matter how hard you push. Thats how I do it and it works good for me.


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Thanks for your quick replies guys. DLD was the first person to offer me advice on one of my first posts when I first joined and told me to do certain girth exercises. The exercises he recommended I was able to watch on Gandolf’s video series and because I watched your videos, it has been a key ingredient to my motivation, dedication and success. Here is my routine below

5 min-hot wrap heating pad
30 min-slow jelqs 70% to 100% Erect, 12 overhand 12 underhand up towards the ceiling combined with horse440s & bends
20 min-pump 5hg to 8hg 2 10 minute sets
20 min- DLD blasters stretches side to side and back behind the leg with leg resting on top of hand for weight
2 days on 1 off if he or I feel up to it

I didn’t measure BPEL when I started 06/01/02 but I did last night
BPEL- 6.50
BG- 5.0
MIDG- 4.25
GOAL- 7.0 EL 5.50- EG


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