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As most of you know I have been doing pe for a little over 2 years now with no gain. while It pisses me off severly to do the workouts all the time and never get anything but ive decided to try either the power jelqer or a pump what do you recomend?

Pumping and jelking. One, then the other.



I haven’t seen much length progress from plain jelqing either - but I already am between 6.5 and 7 inches BP - so not QUITE as much anxiety in length - and i *have* agained nearly an inch in girth - and THAT *has* paid off in greater “sensation” and pleasure in sex with my wife…

I dunno that ANY form of jelqing will get SOME of us length gains, and I just started with the PJ device a week ago, so we shall see. Meanwhile, I’m starting to consider hanging - as much as I hate to add to my PE schedule…


ive had to girth increase either what is your rout?

Lots of slow, intense jelqing - and LOTS of concentrated, HARD squeezes up and down the shaft = lately concentrating on the glans to enlarge it even more than the rest of the penis…

You can’t be TOO gentle in this stuff - no pain, no gain - sorta… If your’re NOT feeling SOME degree of stress in your penis after workouts, yer not doing it hard or long enough. Obviously, real PAIN and heavy bruising are to be avoided - but LIGHT evidence of physical stress in various areas of the penis - if not excessive - probably will be necessary for any significant gains. LIGHT evidence of bruising, MINOR discoloration, stuff that’s disappeared in a few hours or overnite…


I’d say the PJ or hanging. I’ve never tried pumping, but from what I see on the boards, there is quite a learning curve involved with that one. Hanging too, but lots of threads to search through as many Q’s have been answered…many times. I’m a slow gainer often sidetracked by many of lifes unexpected time crunches, so I can identify with long periods of no progress. Dick’s mighty healthy though! groa

Doc, there is a link to an old post from an ancient or oldest guy. He is like a dr who has retired and he had a theory on wheyher it is easy or hard to do pe based upon how your penis si made. Very interesting. I’ll find this link somewhere. Anyhow, if you lie on your back and your dick naturally goes to your stomach , pe will be a real bitch. Something about short or super strong ligs.

yup yup so, should i get the pj?


Since you have not got any gains just go for it get one and try it.
It don’t cost that much and people seem to like it so what have you got to lose.


Dear Doc !

I am a bit such a “hopeless ” case than you . I was jelqing , milking and so on for now about 1 1/ 2 years with almost no success in girth and jus t a bit in lenght .

2 weeks ago I received the powejelqer and I gained 1 mmwidth / girth . I still can`t believe it and think I measured wrong , but it has to be so , because some days before my measurement I measured for joke and had the same result ! So it must be true !

And I have now a really stressed feeling in my dick when massaging it during the day , which I never had before !

So I really can recommend the powerjelqer . And if you can afford the money , it costs not so much , but you have the chance to get a bigger cock , which would be such a dream ! ( These were my thoughts )

All the best wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

well here is my goals in queue figure out a way of getting aout a bigger dick, 2 sigure out how to get pleasure from masturbation, and 3 be able to orgasm


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