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Process of gaining

Process of gaining

So I’ve pretty much read through the majority of treads. But there is one thing I can’t quite understand fully. Gaining from lig stretches, and tunica growth. From what I understand, most people who start PE mostly starting out with newbie routine and have quicker gains. Because they haven’t stretched there ligs yet. So after doing the newbie routine for 2+ months ish. You start to see gains, majority is your hidden penis..
Now this is where I get confused. How much lig gains do most men achieve before they start having to perform PE on the tunica? From what I see average is about 1/2 to an inch. And after that, we gotta start performing PE that targets the tunica more. Is that right?

If that’s the case, if you just finished your two months of newbie routine. There’s still lots of lig gains left. Since your unit is so used to PE, can’t you bang out both lig and tunic work? Instead of waiting to hit a wall, aka no more lig growth? Or do your ligs constantly grow through jelqing and stretches?

I don’t know guys. I think you guys kinda get the idea of when I’m trying to say. Any info?

Good post, Sott88. I think you raise some interesting questions. I doubt anyone really knows the answers definitively, but I’m sure there are plenty of educated opinions to be had.

I think after you get your newbie gains, you need to start thinking about more tunica-targeted exercises. But I also think that the ligs can continue to be stretched and loosened far beyond the newbie period—it just takes more time and effort for less dramatic gains.

Originally Posted by Scott88
So I’ve pretty much read through the majority of treads.

Are you sure? ;)

Originally Posted by Scott88
So I’ve pretty much read through the majority of treads.

Correction - it’s kinda impossible to read the majority of threads with the vast amount of threads being posted everyday. I meant to say, I’ve read most of the Important, getting started, everybody should read first before posting threads. Ha ha sorry about the confusion guys.

And thanks Cheeva, Hopefully we get a lot of opinions posted here. Because with all the new guys starting out Including my self. This could be a great post to fall up on. This way we know what to expect and it will help to set future goals knowing how and how much we gain by doing which certain exercises.


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