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Problems keeping gains

Problems keeping gains

When I’m done doing my routine my dick feels huge and like I’ve gain so much. I don’t expect all the post PE gains to stay but a few hours later they seem to go away and the next day before i do my routine it seems like i didn’t even do any PEing the day before. Is this normal or is my routine just not cutting it?

This is my routine, Ive been doing it for about a month:

Warm up in the shower
4 minutes of 60% erect jelqs
4 minutes of 90% erect jelqs
4 minutes of Sadsak Slinky
4 minutes of 60% erect jelqs
4 minutes of 90% erect jelqs

Otis, as long as you didn’t observe any negative PI’s, don’t worry. It looks like your dick responds fine to exercises.

Did you noticed any differences in flaccid length this month?

Yes it has been a little looser. A far as negative PI’s, I always take a break when my dick feels a little weak. I guess I’m just getting frustrated because its such a huge difference when I’m done PEing and then it goes away. Is that normal for it to go away like that?

Originally Posted by otis bruno

Yes it has been a little looser.

That’s definitely good sign.

Is that normal for it to go away like that?

I don’t know like others here, but my experiences are same. Wait until measure, ruler may surprise you. :)

This is why you look at the big picture week by week and month by month

It’s growing, it’s just hard to notice when we’re forced to pay attention to it so much everyday when we PE

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