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I have been manualy stretching my tunica and it is causing the skin to break and become sore at the base and underneath where the skin meets the scrotum, plus some on the top side at the base now too.

I am not sure if the problem is due to the fact that I have not shaved the hair around my cock and balls for a while and it is now bristly hair about 1cm long. Maybe that causes abrasion on the skin when I pull hard? Could it be from the thin cotton tshirt I place over my hand to grip my cock better? I find my hand can’t grip my small flacid dick well on its own and just slips and pulls the skin more. Any help or comments please?

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Trim your pubic hair, you don’t want them getting pulled.

Not sure about the cloth, I’d imagine it’s ok unless it feels abrasive.

Use moisturiser or, if you can afford it, pure Vitamin E topically on the problem areas. If you feel your penis is in bad shape, give the pulling a rest until it sufficiently recovers.

I have this too. But I do shave. Maybe mine is just an ingrown hair. I have been dry jelqing (griping at the same spot that is sore) and strecting my tunica. I hope this does not last long. I DON’T want to take a break.:(

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