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problem with lubrication

problem with lubrication

ive had this reaccuring problem when using lube. when im done jelqing and shit, i dont know how to dry up completely and get all the lube off my dick. having a moist dick really sux and makes my balls itch. how do you guys get rid of all the lubricant?

Rubbing Alcohol or Atomic Balm would remove it. Just Kidding :-)

I usually take “it” to the sink and wash it all down, and most of it comes off. If I dont, I get the same problem you mention, uncomfort and itchy.

cead mile failte :lep:

Use lots of soap to wash the lube away. Use a mild, non-allergenic soap, like unscented Dove, rather than a harsher one.


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I usually jelq just before my morning shower so cleanup is a breeze!

change lube

Cooking oil is the best lube I have found, and I have tried then all. Never dries up. No cracking or itching. Cheap. Simply wipe up with a towel when finished and it leaves your unit in excellent condition. MXL

Cooking oil huh… ?

I use aloe. It’s the best IMO! It just completely vanishes into your skin… moisterizing your dick. No itchy… no clean up. You can wipe off excess with tissues or paper towels… or rub it in until it’s all gone.

I use it with my Pocked Pussy too… yummy! LOL!

Fruit of the earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel. I get it at the local CVS or other large drugstores. It’s clear btw, not green. I keep a bottle in my office drawer… to moisterize my hands (and jerk off) at work. And at home I use it everyday on my hands and face. It’s not incriminating in any way as a lube for your dick.

It’s excellent!

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You might be over moisturizing your skin that way though, which could lead to dry scaly skin. possibly.

I use baby oil with aloe and vitamin E in it, it doesn’t dry up easily and you only need a little bit. Then depending on the situation
I either wash it off at the sink or in the shower. I’ve never gotten itchy or what not.

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I use cooking oil, too, for all of the same reasons as MagnumXL. I’m using canola oil currently. By the end of my 6 minute warmdown (using wet washcloths soaked in the hottest water I can get) junior is pretty clean.

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