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Problem with GF


Problem with GF

Hi everyone,

It has been a long time I am not around here. I had a break in my PE experience also.

I need help bro’s.

I have a problem with my GF’s ex boyfriends size. Is her vagina could be enlarged from this situation(Or how). I need your opinions and experiences about this situation. Is it permanent enlargement or not. Need help again.

Take care yourselves. Thanks bro’s.

You should change the title of this thread to “Problem With Myself”.

The likelihood of a physical change in your girl’s vagina form a relationship with a guy who in all likelihood was mere fractions larger than you is incredibly remote. Barring a cock the size of a babies head, I wouldn’t worry over it - sincerely.
You’ll just drive yourself nuts, give her the impression your weak, and end up PEing for all the wrong reasons.

Chill my friend. Enjoy your relationship, don’t make it a mess. As my man Gprent is fond of saying: “You are never the only one”.

It will indeed shrink unless as mentioned it was abnormally big. It takes about a week of no sex with the former penis for it to shrink back. Vaginas do temporarily adapt to a lover or toy to safeguard itself and for less time to optimum arousal state. How do I know this? Experience and what I’ve found on the net. :) It wouldn’t hurt if she knew about the excercises women can do to tighten up although you should not be the one to tell her about them.

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Hey Captn, I said that once. (at least today)

I second everything the Captn said.


She could just have a big vagina, I’m not following your post did you have sex with this girl at a different time and she was smaller?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Please take what the captain said onboard (no pun intended). That was good advice cap’n!

Also does she have any children. After my girl had a baby it made a huge difference in tightness. Took about a year for her to tighten up, but still looser then before.

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Thanks Captn, Siamguy, gprent, dino, ıcm, bickith,
I feel myself more calm now. But everything is still not so easy. I will answer Dino’s question and you will understand why I feel myself so bad. Dino she is my old girlfriend, we broke 3 years and she met her ex boyfriend “big one” : ) . I feel the difference and she is not as tight as before.

Another thing I have read a thread and (I don’t remember who ) was mentioned if she make love with big one for a continuous period of time (3 years) it makes a difference. I believe this as well. But I need to cover the truth. So I need your opinions.

Take care.

My girlfriend’s vagina is always tighter when I have been away from her. She goes to normal size quite fast. No permanent enlargement here - she’s really tight whenever it has been some time!

The vagina does stretch and shrink thats for sure. If it remains loose she is most likely still seeing him on the side. Once a women find a good one they don’t let go so easily. Or maybe you were with someone that was tighter than her. Now she feels loose to use in comparison? If you weren’t with a women maybe it was your right hand that was tighter?

One things for sure that guy must of been pretty freaking big, to be able to stretch her out noticeably!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Hey Bro maybe she has a big toy “dildo” that she plays with that is keeping her stretched. Who knows if the sex is good just live with it and if you can’t live with it or the sex sucks than it’s time for a new girl. Good luck :)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thanks dino,
Man you are catching the right points, maybe she can have a dildo but it is nearly imposible. She is not as horny as you mentioned. ( I want her to be more horny). But I will search for it.

deadeye similar is for you. Possible answer but nearly impossible ( impossible). She says she prefers me not him. She has no reason to lie about it.

The main problem in my brain is that a big one could strecth it permanently or not.
Thanks Bro’s.

haydibre -
There are any number of possibilities why your girlfriend seems looser, but I can tell you’re unwilling to consider any but the one that will hurt you the most. Three years is a long time and people change - their bodies change (her), their perceptions change (you).
Don’t trouble yourself over this - I’m sincerely warning you; you are wasting precious time and energy on nothing.

Keep traveling down this path and you’ll end up looking like your avatar.

Aslong as she aint too loose, my girlfriend was previously with huge guy with a 10 inch dick, about 6” girth for 7 years. She said she had sex with him comfortably (physically, not emotionally).

But I bought a dildo the same size as her ex and it was about a year or so after him, and it hurt her to put it all in. Women doing PC exercises really can tighten themselves up.

Previously known as rundown.

thanks Captn and ciderman,

Captn you are so funny and making me feel good. I am a bit calm nowadays. And Ciderman thank you for your comments. I told my GF about PC and it will work as I know.

See you guys.

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