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Problem with Enlarger Strap?

Problem with Enlarger Strap?

I ordered a Penis Enlarger Strap about a month ago from and it has yet to be delivered. The charge showed up on my cc statement. I emailed the company and I sent them a fax of my order receipt and I’ve gotten no response. Has anyone ordered one of these and have there been any problems with getting it? It’s upsetting, I feel like I’m being ripped off. Any advice would be helpful.

There is a dispute procedure with any credit card.

In the past I’ve just reported it as fraud, which it is because they have charged you and you have not received anything. The credit card company will then credit your account with the amount charged and take it up with the supplier.

You’ve made an attempt to contact the company, they haven’t responded. The next step is to take it up with your credit card company. Phone them and take their advice.

It might be worth faxing the company a letter first telling them you’re about to do this, that could really help :)

I got one about a year ago, and did not have any problem with the company. The strape came in about 5 days.

it took about 3 weeks

for mine to arrive but IMO it’s worthless

It took me about a month to get mine. It really is a pain in the ass as Zep pointed out. It did me more harm than good. However, Goingdeep used it and felt that it helped him, so who knows. I had to send them 2 nasty e-mails before they sent the damned thing.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Same as ledzep here, thought I should chime in to show thereĀ“s a base on this opinion. Might be worth something to someone.


I appreciate the advice guys, I’ll just have to take it up with the cc company. Thanks again- Wantingmore

Originally posted by jelktoid
It did me more harm than good.

JT - what happened? I have one too but don’t like to wear it.



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