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Problem since using PJ Device


Problem since using PJ Device

I have a problem and it has only started since I began to use the PJ device.

After just two weeks of doing 100 jelqs every day + Kegals and squeezes. I now find that I am unable to get a real hard on.

When using the PJ I get about 80% hard and start the routine but as I get to about 80 jelq’s my banger goes pretty soft not what you could call flacid but very soft although it is quite engorged with blood. I am unable to get it even semi erect, consequently I do not continue.

I am able to get a real hard on when I the urge is there but even when I masterbate it again goes semi flacid also embarrasing when having intercourse with the wife. I get hard and it stays that way whilst having foreplay but no sooner than I get it in it goes weak on me.

Is this a sign of ED - I hope not.

Perhaps I should stop for a week or two and see if things come right or continue with what I am doing.

I have found that with the PJ I am unable to do much more than 150 jelq’s because of this semi flacid problem.

Appreciate any suggestions from all of you experienced fellows.


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are you taking any rest days?… you are probably just over-training… add a couple of rests days a week so your willy can rejuvenate

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Overtraining is my guess, too. ED, the presistent type, doesn’t usually have that rapid an onset - 2 weeks in your case - unless there is some new medication you’ve been taking (and a hell of a lot of medications can cause ED). You could also be psychologically stressed by some work or personal reason, or just generally pooped. All those’ll do it, too.



Goingindeep & Avocet8, thanks,

I am 71 years young and retired - I should not have any stresses and worries apart from getteing occasional boredom (not often).

I take some light medication for high blood pressure and severe ulceration of the stomach and have been doing so for at least 5 years. This may have a contributing factor!

I usually take a couple of rest days, 6+1 or 5+2 depending on commitments. I do not have a time schedule, sometimes start early morning or anytime during the day or night.

I do not eat breakfast - never have, Lunch is usually a light meal of Noodles or some other Chinese dish. Dinner in the evening is a substancial meal of meat,potatoes and plenty green veg, carrots,beetroot,beans, peas or whatever the wife cooks up.The only thing I can not eat is eggs (which I enjoy) but can’t keep down.

I am reasonably healthy and fit. (could do more exercise, which I should but am getting bloody lazy in my old age).

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Hey Droopy,

If this problem has just started when you decided to increase the number of stokes you are doing with the PJ, go back to whatever number worked in the past. Continue at that number for another month and then try to increase it again. Or try fewer strokes and up the intensity of the stroke a little at a time. Also try with and without lube, mix it up a little, keep your dick on it’s toes so to speak. Let us know how you are getting along also.

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OK, call me an asshole, but


I’ve had my share of screwups exploring the fascinating (perverse?) world of PE, and when I run into problems I find it’s because I’m either not paying attention, or paying too much attention to getting gains NOW! — There’s also an erotic component, which causes me to push too far sometimes.

So call me an asshole, but would you feel the same impulse to push so hard if you’d paid 89 cents for PVC pipe (or picked it up for free on a construction site) instead of ‘investing’ in a commercial device?

The obvious answer to your situation is back off. What’s the hurry? Also. if you can’t get a hardon, it’s not a SIGN of erectile dysfunctin, it IS erectile dysfunction, for the time being anyway. So what? Don’t tell me you’ve never experienced it before, or I want to have a talk with you and learn your secrets ;-)

Less obvious than the answer is the question: why are you pushing so hard?

BTW, I think it’s really cool older guys like you are into this (as if I’m a spring chicken, almost 48).

Ease off a bit.

Considering your posts on the PJ forum (PJ Discussion/Other Discussion) it appears what you were inqiring about back on March 11 might be the root of your problem. If all was good prior to your routine change, go back to the pre-change period. Be sure to post and inquire about this problem in the “Am I Doing Enough Thread” at the PJ forum as it might help others avoid the same problem. I’d say take a few days off just for good measure to see if erections get back to normal. That’s likely the surest way to sus out if one is overtraining…simply eliminate the training variable for a while and note if there is a change. If all returns to normal, the pre-change routine would likely be the way to continue as it seemed to be fine for you back then. Good Luck. groa

Many thanks ThunderSS, Tom Hubbard & Groa.

It would appear the general concensus is that I may be overdoing it! so looks like I will take your advise and take a week off.

I do believe the PJ has given me a much stronger work out than I realise. It’s so easy to use and the results have been fantastic as compared to hand jelqing. I may have used too much pressure as I almost have the handles touching, but man what a glow my penis has. Bright red and swollen with no pain or other effects.I did have a few little blue & red spots on the head but they disapeard within a day.

Anyway I will take a few days off and see how I go and will keep you posted.

Health is Wealth

Not to echo everyone else (or myself from the forum), but try backing off from your current routine, and see what happens.

I’ll bet you’ll start getting rock hard erections.

Over-exercising has always been a problem for me (not just in PE), personally. Moreover, I have seen it with many of the guys on the boards.

The common logic seems to be more exercise = more gains. However, this is almost never the case. Its often better to do fewer focused exercises, with more rest time.

You may want to stop completely for a few days, then start building your routine back up.


To Tom Hubbard,

Had to LOL at your comments, but true I guess. Honestly though I didn’t think 100 jelqs was enough and it was my intention to start off slow! Perhaps 100 jelqs with the PJ is worth 300 hand jelq’s! after all the pressure that is applied as compared to the fingers.

Thanks, will keep all informed.

Health is Wealth

<I take some light medication for high blood pressure and severe ulceration of the stomach and have been doing so for at least 5 years. This may have a contributing factor!>

May be. A lot of blood pressure meds can be ED influences and can take years to effect us. Also drugs controlling stomach acidity like Zantac and its generic, Ranitidine. But for now take the prevailing advice here and simply ease up. If you have continuing ED symptoms, see the post near the top of this forum, email me, and we’ll get you into the ED forum.



Thanks to all for your timely advise.

I have now rested for 5 days and every thing seems to be back to normal (I hope!).

I will wait until Monday 25th before recommencing my PJing and will start my stretching & squeezes to-day. Keggles I have kept doing every day.

It dosn’t look as if I have lost any of the small gains that I have made, (looks can be deceptive!) but I haven’t measured to make sure.

I am impressed with what has been achieved in such a short period of time plus the way my bundle now hangs.
Instead of a shrivelled up prune, I have a decent looking penis with a bag attached which hangs real good.

Something I did yesterday which I have never done before - My wife wanted to go shopping and I hadn’t done my normal morning ablutions and was still in my pyjama shorts nothing else.
Had to get a quick wash and dress - couldn’t be bothered looking for clean underpants (as I knew we would not be out for long)so went without. Wearing just shoes, long walk socks, pair of walk shorts and a shirt. Into the car and off to the shopping mall.

Wow, what a turn on, walking around the shopping mall with my banger rubbing against my leg and the material of my shorts - a great sensation, I was amazed I never got a stiffy. Perhaps if I had kept walking around a bit longer I would have been in an embarrasing situation with my banger protruding from the leg of my shorts.
I’m going to have to change my style of underpants to boxer shorts and let it all hang instead of being held up and trapped all day!!

Health is Wealth


Your an inspiration still working it at 71, God Bless ya!
like the guys said just back off a little. I have got my dick to popped to pop a couple of times, a few days off and all is good.


It is a possibility that with the new extended workout the pc muscles get overtired or are presented with a burden they are not prepared to carry.

I would suggest 2 weeks off the pj programm while preparing and building that pc muscle:2 weeks of a kegel programm.Then retake the pj program gradually but without leaving the pc conditioning.

To condition a muscle is a nervous process regarding our will and overstressing it eliminates any productivity in this case.Your kegel program-workout must just arrive at the point of muscle fatigue.

Then you have to stop:never carry on whatever the work you have done.What it comes next will be the next workout that has to be taken 2 days after the first or 3(depends on your physical status).In the second workout you could do a bit more in your workout.Follow this plan till you reach a workout plateau(this will happen when your pc muscle gets abituated in this stress-recover routine and should take place after approximately 2 months)

This will be the point to change your routine and make it a bit harder or diverse (a new nervous stimulous for your “erotic” muscles).

Carry on like this and if this is not due to another type of problem or bad influence (e.g a drug side effect) you could reestablish your past erection strength.

To find out if it is a drug side effect I would suggest get informed on your drug treatment and possibly if you can try viagra to see if it works: BUT BEFORE YOU HAVE TO ASK YOUR DOCTOR if you can while you are on your therapy. Drug mixing or d. cocktails can have bad effects you wouldn’t know.

Thanks for the info, understand what you are saying and will be taking it very easy as from this coming Monday.

I only take one drug every day and that’s for high blood pressure and the other drug is Acimax 20mg for my ulcers which I take about every second or third day (supposed to take every day but I am very much against any drugs and pills.) I am physically in pretty good shape, I eat well and really have no other health problems.

As for Viagra - No way man - might be ok for some - there are too many side effects attached to this drug.
Already (from news items here) people in the USofA are dying from this drug. Haven’t heard of any Australian’s dying from the drug as yet but it is early days.

I shall maintain my normal life style without any other drugs, I might on the advice from my doctor consider suppliments such as vitemins, should the doc reckon I need them.

Health is Wealth

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