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Problem since using PJ Device


well the only problem i have with it is that like any other pe it doesnt do anything but i found it does put alot of blood in while using it; btw why do you shave your penis when it(at least for me) fully grows bac in 3 days?

Hi Doc,
Sorry to hear that the PE do’snt work for you - after only eight weeks I have modest gains, very noticeable, not only in the way it is all hanginging but also in flacid size. The gains probably are not more than ½inch either way but it is enough to give me insperation to continue.

I do not shave all my hair - gee man I havent enough on my head so why should I make that bald as well!
I only shave the long hairs from the scrotum and penis shaft so that they dont get caught in my fingers or the PJ when jelquing.
So far I have only shaved the once and havent as yet noticed that it needs to be done again.

First off I used scissors to cut the long hair, then an electric razor to clean it off, did a reasonable job. No where near what a blade will do but I’m not game enough to put a blade near my dick or balls. My hands are not that steady.

Health is Wealth

Droopy, I take Viagra….have to. I couldn’t raise an eyebrow without it. I have taken two Blood Pressure meds for the past 5 yrs.
My Doc told me that those guys who died from taking Viagra here in the USA did so because they were taking some other Nitrate medication along with the Viagra. I have ED and I know that it is caused by all the medication I’m taking for High Cholesterol and High BP.
My primary goal is to ‘stay on the green side of the grass’….So the meds have to stay. I’ll just have to work around the ED problem.
I’m a newby here but I have been doing manual PE for the past 4 months just to gain back a 3/4 in. loss in length over the past 48 years(6 down to 5 1/4). I’v gained back 1/2 in. since I started PE.
Your an inspiration to me since I’m four years your Junior.
You may want to keep Viagra as an option, should you ever run out of steam.

Regards, Resize

Re: Viagra


I am in Resize’s league. ED caused by blood pressure meds and maybe too much fun-living.

I administrate an ED site. Having taken Viagra for over 3 years and read as much as I can find about it (and there is now a great amount of data), I can assure you that this is a very safe drug when taken in consult with a doctor and according to the manufacturer’s (Pfizer) guidelines. Yes, men do die after using it, either because they had pre-existing heart conditions contra-indicating its use in the first place or because they combined Viagra with nitrate substances - not only legit nitrate medications needed for whatever condition but including recreational amyl-nitrate inhalation drugs called “poppers,” a deadly combination.

For the record, I am opposed in almost every case to on-line purchase of Viagra because those sites pushing it do not offer any reasonably safe counsel or follow up on this drug’s use.

For you, however, after discussion with your doctor, it might turn out to be a very wonderful addition to your life and give you some pleasureable surprises. Keep an open mind, is all I am saying.



Viagra and other pills

Thanks fella’s, appreciate what you are telling me about Viagra.

As you may be aware on nearly all my previous comments, I am a person who is very much against taking any form of drug or pill. I don’t even take an “ASPIRIN” for a headache (not that I ever have one). Guess I am lucky in many ways, being physically fit and healthy apart from having high blood pressure (not very bad) but bad enough that I have to take half a tablet of “Avapro” 20mg every day and also a severe ulcerated stomach for which I take “Losec” Caused thru my stressful job that I once had.

I have been retired full time for the last three years and have plenty of time to follow up on anything that gives me some interest mentally, physical interests are OK but being a lazy type I tend to avoid anything too physical except SEX which I cannot get enough of. OH well, the joys of getting aged has slowed me down but I am still as hungry as I was more than 20 years ago. The PE exercises are partly to blame for my continued virility! but my partner is going backward but thats something I have to approach when time is opportune!

My only wish is that there should be more public awareness of PE and the benefit that it bestows on ones well being, confidence and performance.

I took this exercise on as an experiment, being very skeptical, I had a lot of doubt but that has since been proven that this system doe’s work. I have gained nearly ½ inch in length and ¼ inch in circumference over 8 weeks. This is more than I expected. Having overworked myself, I have had to take a week off, am now back into it but at about half the pace I was going before.

Anyways I shall keep an open mind on the Viagra issue, and maybe if I am unable to perform satisfactorily I may give it a try, subject to my doctor giving me a prescription (I believe it is controlled here).

Health is Wealth


Droopy you the man, I want be like droopy when I grow up!


What is a PJ??

Hey i’m still very new here and was wondering what exactly is a PJ… at first i thought it was a type-o and you meant BJ lol

Can someone explain this to me do i need one??

So where do I sign to change my name to Dirk Diggler??



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