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problem performing horses 440 squeezes

problem performing horses 440 squeezes

hi, yesterday evening i tried performing the horses 440 squeezes, and either im doing it the wrong way or i am just all thumb lol :—)

here s how i proceeded : i got to an 80% erection, then grab the base with my left hand with an ok grip(pinky towards the pubic bone), then i kegel to drive more blood in, then i made an ok sign with my right hand(once again, pinky towards the pubic bone). then proceeded to slide my right hand with its ok grip down the shaft and squeezed as hard as i could with my left hand at the base to shut off circulation…….but the problem is that i just cant shut it off good with an ok grip(pinky towards the bupic bone)…………i tried the other grip(pinky towards the head) but i found it was very inconvenient to perform that way… please any of you guys telle me exactly how you perform it as i know it s great for girth…………thanks in advance …….i appreciate it.

cheers !!

sounds like you are sliding the second hand the wrong way (you want to go over the glans). Did you see this thread linked from the faq.

Also try rotating your first hand you should be able to shut off blood well.

I hope you’ve been jelqing for 2 months plus. If you haven’t injury is likely.


Memento is correct…this is an INTENSE exercise…very difficult (but not impossible) dry. I find it painful either way, and have been avoiding it, but someday in the future I may take it up again.


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