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PRIVACY! And the crazy things you do to get it.

PRIVACY! And the crazy things you do to get it.

Okay, gents! So glad to finally join in with my first thread.

I’m having a lot of trouble getting enough time and privacy to do my routines. I’m out of ideas at this point. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to hear about some of the crazy shit my fellow pe’ers, especially the vets, have done from being so determined to get a bigger cock. Yeah I’ve heard about the piss pulls, and the shower routine, I read Big Girtha talking about clamping at work (!) and of course their are the ADS’s and Monty’s weights.

Let’s hear about the off the wall things you might have done, though. I’m sure we’ll all get a few laughs, and your answers may help me on my journey. Cheers!

Oh, by the way, probably the biggest hurdle that I have to many of the privacy solutions I’ve heard is that dry jelqing just feels wrong to me, I really don’t like the skin stretch, so I always wet jelq, which seems to get me a better pump anyway. Thanks!


I’m in hanging mode of late which is hermit mode. Hanging is a lonely hobby my post count goes way up when I’m in hanging mode because I spend even more time at the forum with you other wack jobs. I have put off friends I have put off dates to find my time to hang and do other PE. The only thing good about hanging is I can get some work done while doing it although it’s not easy.

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my trick

Taking forever each morning to do the usual morning routine (shave, brush teeth). Differently each morning so my wife does not notice my taking a little jelqing break. It really helps. If you do the same things in the same order same time period each morning, everyone will realize that something is different after 3 minutes of your spending too long in the bathroom.

Also, try having separate bedrooms. I found it helps the relationship to have separate bedrooms. Privacy and having time for oneself is key to a happy relationship.

Separate bedrooms? Sleeping next to a woman is one of the best things in the world.

I’m all for the shower routine and “piss pulls”.

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pointedstick, have look at this thread and dvm’s technique:

dvm51 - Really Want Girth!!!!

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I usually get up one hour earlier since I’ve been restarting PE. Don’t know whether this is an option for you or not, but you could give it a shot.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Originally Posted by SevenAndBeyond
Separate bedrooms? Sleeping next to a woman is one of the best things in the world.

I could never see how. Even more so if she snores.

Piss Pulls - Last night I was at a semi final in Aussie Rules Football league - over 42,000 in the stadium, national TV coverage and queues outside the toilet. Finally get in there and the guy next to me finishes and starts piss pulls and I mean really giving his cock a real stretch including grabbing his foreskin and really stretching. It was a half time break and the game was about to resume. Did not have the chance to ask him if he was into PE.

I tell the truth, which makes it a little easier in some ways, and I’m not sure is all that common. I’ve just outright asked my SO for some privacy for it in the past. However, that started to irritate her (she doesn’t like to be reminded of it, seemingly, not being particularly happy that I do it).

But generally, I just get up far earlier on work days than I’d normally to have some definite privacy. Which for a nighthawk like me, isn’t particularly enjoyable.

Originally Posted by Slack
Dry jelqing/stretching in the staff toilets at my old job.

Secretly stretching while watching TV with family members in the room.

I suggest you seek professional help!

Although I used to wait until my secretary would leave my old job, then lock my office door and stretch and jelk. There were still people on site, and occasioanly I would get a knock on the door. They would look at me a little wierd after waiting a minute for me to finally open the door for them. I didn’t really give a fuck what thoughts were going through their minds.

Horny Bastard


I just jump out there and tell everyone I stretch my dick a lot. I have a little harder time telling everyone I throw a clamp on my dick they get a little freaked out. When I tell them what it is for it is pretty much.. To each his own.

I am very lucky because my roomate works every two days or so and he works at 10 pm. So whenever he leaves, I do my major workouts. If not, I have taken really long showers my whole life, so people don’t question me when I take a while.

I miss this place.

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I’ve been putting a clamp on in the toilet at work.. And then going about doing my job (sitting at a desk in a room by my self most the time)

My wife helps me with PE. When I first started, I would wait till she left the house. Or I would spend a lot of time in our locked bedroom or bathroom. She became suspicious and accused me of doing drugs or having secret phone conversations with another woman. I stopped PEing for about 6 months cause of injury and when I started again I decided to tell my wife about PE. She thought it was a little strange but was good with it. She edges me when I have a clamp on. We have a lot of fun during my PE routine. Telling her was one of the best things I have ever done. We will be laying down in bed talking about our day, and she be will pulling my dick as far as it will stretch and it is no big deal anymore, just routine.


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