Seventy percent of people taking painkillers suffer damaged intestines

No Matter what you do, you are going suffer somehow and someway.

I don’t have the knowledge base to really argue about this topic either way. The Hardest Science course I took in college was a Consumer Chemistry for Every Day Life. You know the one they make Liberal Arts people take to fill some lab sciences requirement. I have had no biology classes since about 14 years ago in high school which I don’t recall at all.

The only thing that would come into being very little fruit of all for this topic would be some Specialized psych courses that I took about 3 years ago. A tiny off shoot of that would be a paper I did on nootropics and posted here from one of the classes instead of doing some ever boring everyday heroin addiction thing. I never tried any of this stuff and lost interest quickly.

Here is what I dug up just now…entBrakes15.htm…2001/ninds.html

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