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Principles of Variation (PE)

Principles of Variation (PE)

Excerpted from Myhal’s “UMM Training Program”

“Your body is a remarkable machine. It has the ability to adapt itself to all types of situations. In fact, adaptation is one of the things your body does best……Basically, your body is most comfortable when you’re in a routine, any routine. We are after all, creatures of habit. So if you train the same way all the time, your body will quickly adjust to that training and your progress will come to a rapid halt altogether….The principle is simple yet profound. If your body adapts to a training regimen, your progress will slow or cease altogether; therefore, you simply cannot allow your body the luxury of adapting. In other words, you have to build variation into your training program on several levels. You do this to insure that you’re always introducing new stresses to the body….If you fail to vary your training in terms of VOLUME, INTENSITY, FREQUENCY and EFFORT, you WILL NOT CONTINUE TO MAKE SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS…Remember, you have to constantly shock and stimulate it to new heights….”


Hey brock, post more.

If you are transferring from the weight lifting world to PE please be careful (even in the weight lifting world I believe it is something that is being debunked). If people are too eager to “… constantly shock and stimulate it to new heights….” They may miss out on gains that they could have had significantly easier- remember the penis is NOT a muscle, too much “shock” may result in injury or even (it has been theorized) potentially result in slower/fewer gains.

The best advice I can give.. and mind you I am not an expert I am very on and off with this PE thing… But still the best advice I can give is you are not trying to yank your penis into getting bigger you are trying to coax it- especially when it comes to length gains. I think girth gains may take more intensity than length.

It’s good to be eager with PE but far better to be patient.

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