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Prickle Is Pissed!

Prickle Is Pissed!

Perhaps God is punishing me.

I hardly measure my dick. I keep my measurings infrequent so I don’t drive myself crazy, but last night I decide to just “take a peek” and see what’s goin’ on down there.

Wouldn’t ya know? My dick measured almost exactly the same as it did 7 months ago before I started PE! Here I was thinkin’ I was making progress…

Maybe I just picked the wrong day to measure, but it was a real letdown after all those months of work, only to find that the road is much longer of a travel than I thought.

I shaved my ruler down to absolute zero so there would be no room for error, no extra 1/3 of an inch to confuse my length measurements. I measured NBP, as I don’t care to know my BP because ENBPL is where it’s really at in my eyes… Girth was practically the same. All the pithy gains I’ve made since the beginning have stayed the same, and I thought I had gotten more, but I guess I was wrong. The only good thing was perhaps now my NBPEL is what my then BPEL was, but damn, I thought I had gotten more!

There’s no way in Hell I’m giving up, but what the fuck am I supposed to do now? I’ve tried every schedule in terms of on/off days. I’m stumped. Can anyone shed some light on this gloomy situation? Has my dick gotten used to all the work? Should I add more time to my sessions, or back off? I always gave it my all, now when that doesn’t help, what more can I do?


I don’t think God is interested in our pitiful efforts, if so, He/She probably finds it all pathetic and rather humorous.

I can see where this would be frustrating, especially after you’ve put in a great deal of time and effort. I remember reading Johan’s post, and it’s titled Nothing gained and the first line is I think my schlong can not grow. From there he does some research and comes up with a rather innovative stretching routine that has helped many, including himself.

I could only suggest what would be obvious to you:
Read, read, and re-read everything relevant here-
Change up your routine-
Change the intensity of what you’re doing-
Back off on take a rest break, then come back with a vengeance-
Take a look at Iamaru’s aggressive combination workout, maybe that will kickstart things for you.

Also T-Rex’s post reference slow gaining is a interesting read.

lil12big1’s pics and routine (for inspiration), shows it can be done.

Hang in there man.

Go ahead and measure your bpel and see how much shaft growth has occurred. the variables involved in nbel are numerous and why I don’t recommend it to follow progress, I will admit that nbp is a reasonable parameter for deciding whether a goal was reached or not. variables of nbpel are:

-erection strength (a 90% may feel the same as a 100% but be as much as 1/4 shorter).

-posture variables how much pelvic tilt at the time of measurement. perhaps you didn’t tilt as much as before?

-viewing angle and ruler angle

- increase in pubic fat pad from fluid or increased fat.

bpfsl entails the least number of variables and is the best method of determining whether gains occurred or not, but admittedly may not be the best # to decide on whether a goal was attained or not.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the links, DarkTrick. Thanks for even responding. I’m gonna read all that stuff even if I read it already.

Luvdadus— The other week I was beaming ‘cause I thought I had made gains. I measured almost a full inch longer NBPEL, and just the other day, I was able to stretch my flaccid penis about a quarter of an inch or so past my previous limit. I thought I was getting somewhere. But now that I think about it, when I measured that larger length, it was right after a jelq session and I was sitting down, so I probably gave myself a false sense of accomplishment that day. But I can still see the signs of progress, like my pubic hair line moving, which makes my situation even more confusing.
I could’ve sworn it had gotten bigger, but when I checked my girth, I was let down again. I still retained that miniscule girth gain from the beginning, but it hasn’t increased since. And I even have been adding girth specific exercises into my routine, like Uli’s and Horse Squeezes, and some erect bends. No change in girth yet, but I had only started these about two weeks ago. But still, I’m surprised that all that jelqing didn’t do anything the whole time.

other considerations


In addition to what Luv, and DT said, consider also,

Seating tends to give a bigger length measurement than standing for me.

Believe it or not diet comes into play also if you eat certain foods or drink caffine products I sometimes come up with a lesser measurement.


Maybe I should go back to my 5on/2off schedule. I took a week off recently (just cause I didn’t feel like it, not because of injury), then when I returned to my program, I switched to a 2on/1off. Maybe that’s not frequent enough to maintain/add to these gains. (?)

Two on, one off seems like a lot of rest time to me, but only you can ascertain that, my friend. It’s the same old adage, everyone is different.

Some guys, like I believe Newbie, started a abbreviated routine with, what seemed to me, to be a great deal of rest time. Other guys, DLD for one, take little or no rest days.

Need to find what’s applicable for you at this time, knowing that what produces results now, may not in the near future.

Wish I or someone could point you to the easy answer and say, “Look, here’s what you have to do”. We’re all plodding away, doing the best we can with what we have, and hoping for the best.

Hey - if it were easy and straightforward, every guy around would have a 8 incher.

Hi Prickle
Sounds like my story.
Brought me down a little - but after a 2 month phase of lazyness because of frustration i´ll go for it again.

Let´s go aGain!!!

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Have you considered adding pumping as a supplemental routine to help maintain temporary gains after or combined with your regular routine? It seems to be helping me right now to break through my plateau. You may want to add a penis/ball strap along with a traction wrap to help with gains between workouts to promote recovery in the extended state. What do you guys think?

I think I’m stickin’ with the Jelq. I’ve only been at this for 7 months… so how much growth could I really expect? (I expected more, damn it!) I still believe I can reach my goals with just Jelqing, only I gotta find the right timing that works for me. I’m not ready to start getting into all the “hardware” like pumps (had one, didn’t like it) and hangers and stuff.

Can a dick “shrink” from a wounded heart? I had a two year relationship end recently, and I haven’t been feeling really “randy” lately. With her around, I had more drive because I had someone to (try to) impress. Now that she’s gone, I’m like, “Eh, what’s it matter now?” I want it for myself too, but having a partner to “test it out” on kinda helps… in a way.

There are so many conflicting ideas on this board that it makes me think that PE is the Riddle Of The Sphinx or some shit. What is one to do when everyone is saying something different, yet at the same time, everyone makes sense?

Cutting My Own Path,


i think a 5/2 routine is a good plan, many bodybuilders say that it takes 2 days for tissue to heal, but i dont think enough “damage” can be done in one day, so during the course of 5 days your penis will heal when your not peing, but not sufficiently to make it seem like your starting from scratch, the way i look at my routine is on the 5th day i just want to let my penis rest, and look forward to the time off, while my penis is ok during the day, as soon as i start my session i know that im pushing my limit, but i last out that routine and then let my member rest.

may i also suggest you try to shake your penis up, by maybe doing a long intense session, then taking a week off then doing 3 long intense sessions (1/on 1/off) the week following and then starting your normal routine, or try DLD’s jump start programme… if you can free up that much time.

picture you after youve gained with a bulge down by your knee, that always cheers me up.


Shooting for 9"

“picture you after youve gained with a bulge down by your knee, that always cheers me up.”

I’m glad that picturing me with a big bulge cheers you up, man!

Nah - Just kidding. Thanks for the replies, guys. I’ve invested this much time and effort into this, so I’m gonna just keep pressing onward. All the information here has me feeling a bit drawn and quartered, ya know?

Everybody is saying something different, but what they are saying has worked for them, so they are all right. I guess I gotta find what my “right” thing is.

Jelqing off into the sunset

Prickle, the other week I measured girth and for whatever reason I seemed to have lost half of my total gain of almost .5 inches. I tried again in a few days and my girth was back up to where I thought it should be. Measure several different times on several different days and take the biggest measurement, sometimes you just can’t get 100 percent hard even though it feels like it, I dunno. don’t give up.

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