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Pressing On Lig While Erect

Pressing On Lig While Erect

Hey guys,
I’ve seen this idea thrown into the arena before, but never with any serious consideration.

It makes sense that, when you’re erect, there is a slight tug on your suspensory lig (since it is fulfilling its role of supporting your erection.) YOu may notice that, when you get an erection while wearing pants that, if your erection is “trapped” in the downward position (i.e. pointing at your feet) it can be somewhat uncomfortable due to the added pressure placed on the suspensory ligament (coupled with the fact that you’re cock is bending.)

I’m curious about the possible benefits and repercussions of adding stress the lig while it is in this state.

The method I’ve played around with does not involve forcing the erection to point downward, however. (I make a point of avoiding the placement of pressure on the erection itself.) Instead, it involves using your thumb to press directly on the lig itself while keeping the erection pointing at its usual angle (which is held with the opposite hand.) IOW, the thumb is placed directly at the meeting point in the V (assuming the front portion of the ‘V’ is your body, the other half your erection.

Also, as I’ve seen others mention, it is quite possible to achieve ‘pops’ doing this. They feel very similar to the lig pops that result from manual stretching/hanging. Are they lig pops or just a shifting of something else?

Doing these exercises after stretching or hanging I can REALLY feel the stretch in my ligs. (I can actually FEEL it with my thumb when pushing down as well!)

Any thoughts?

I’ve only read about hanging so have no useful comment, but I do have two questions:

Is the idea that pressure on the ligs at the point where the penis starts would cause them to stretch?

If so, in the absence of resistance to the ligs (by pressing down on the erection) where you’re applying pressure, what would induce the ligs to stretch?

Originally Posted by kandu
If so, in the absence of resistance to the ligs (by pressing down on the erection) where you’re applying pressure, what would induce the ligs to stretch?

Ok. Your lig is connected on one end to your pubic bone. THe other, to the upper portion of your penis. When your are erect, it (your lig) is held firmly in the extended/stretched position (as opposed to ‘coiled,’ or relaxed, when flaccid. Thus, it is like a taut band held between two points, neither of which will ‘give.’ By pressing down on this band (or lig) we are exacting an increased amount of pressure on it. You can FEEL the lig itself, and it is what keeps you from pressing inward any farther. While this pressure may or may not be substantial enough to cause any lengthening, it IS exerting a direct strain on the lig. Make sense?

I see how it would exert some strain. I just envisioned it like an Achilles tendon: If you push in on the tendon without immobilizing the foot, the the heel follows it backward somewhat, largely negating any stretch.

It sounds like you’re saying that an erect penis is enough to counteract that type of movement, thereby effecting some stretch on the ligs. If so, I get it.

I do this too, except I pull down from the bottom except push down from the top. Seems to work allright.

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I do this while stretching (flaccid, naturally). If I get an erection while PEing, I do it then, too. I can’t say whether or not it has added to any gains or hindered, because I’m pretty sure it’s something I’ve always done. It’s kinda like a V-stretch directly on the ligs, rather than the tunica. I think.

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