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Powerstretcher Question?

Powerstretcher Question?

Im thinking of maybe buying the PowerStretcher which you probably know is a pumping device which allows you to hang weights while being fully pumped up in the tube and erect.
I’ve read on here a number oftimes that its dangerous to hang weights with a boner.
Has anyone got one of these and whats the view?

Whats the general view on thsi method?

My thinking is that if you seriously want to increase erect length what better way than stretch your
hard on.


The general view is that hanging erect is way too risky.

Originally posted by Piet

The general view is that hanging erect is way too risky.


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Pumper for a while got to the square dick 7X7 , hanging now 7-2010

Never had any problems beyond whats mentioned in the pumpers forum thread.
Something to remember about this device is your not ever going to hang the 10+ lbs weights that hangers do with the bib etc. so in my opinion it is not going to cause the erect hanging risk that people quite rightly talk about.

Its not cheap though.


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Wheresmyweenie, I have one of the Powerstretches that I’d like to sell. I’ve only used it a couple of times. If you’re interested, I’m willing so let it go for 1/2 price plus shipping. It’s in a nice case and in perfect condition. Only thing missing is the instructional video, which I threw out because it didn’t work. Must have been in some kind of format that my vcr couldn’t recognize or else it somehow got erased in transit. But it’s pretty straightforward anyway, if you know anything about pumps and cylinders. 1)insert penis 2)pump up pressure 3) attach weight. Thats it. Let me know if you’re interested.


It ain't over till it's 10" (or 12 ")

I currently hang 15lbs with my homemade pump-hanger consistently. Also, I’ve gone as high as 17.5lbs. -jsg

Masterbuilder: If Wheresmyweenie is not interested, I might be. PM me with price, size of tube and kind of hand pump or electric etc.


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So, I guess you need to clean things up a bit and make some room. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town the next few days, but I’ll PM you when I get back, Thursday or Friday.


It ain't over till it's 10" (or 12 ")


How can I get in touch with you? I’ll give you my email :

Let me know how much and why you are selling?

Answer honestly if it didn’t work for you it won’t put me off as it may work for me. What were the good and bad things of it?



We have 100’s of guys saying how well the bib hanger works, so why would you want to buy an expensive hanger that most likely don’t work very well. I f you have time to hang the bib WORKS.

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