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Hi to all, I don’t know if you have discussed this website before, but ý think there is an interesting hanging device. Any idea?

I think that looks very interesting. What is the conversion for the currency they are using to us dollars. Anyone have any idea?


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powerstretch=grip rippoff

it operates on the same principle as the Grip-May not be as safe however. The grip provides you with a sheath that you use after the penis has been wrapped to prevent blood blisters and ruptures. I used the Grip once without the sheath and wrap ( I was being lazy and was in a rush)

the result-

A hicky and densitizing on my glans that lasted a month

I do not see that the powestretch comes with any safety sheaths at all to prevent this. Also it does not have a safe way to measure the amount of vacum to use. If anyone buy it and find that this is to the contrary please let us know


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