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Power Jelq versus Hands


I just stared dry jelqing yesterday, after using the PJ device since I started my PE journey. And I must say my oh my, the stretch and pull I get from my hands is incredible. And the hang afterwards is nice and long. I can always tell when I’m about to gain when I measure flacid length after a session, it was 6 1/2”. Another upside to the dry jelq is that I can do it all day as well as during the morning and evening sessions. 10 1/2” here I come baby.

I tried the preglued 1/2 in. Armacell Brand pipe insulation foam on my Power Jelq device, and found that it looses it shape too fast when jelqing. There is another brand of insulation foam that’s pre-split, (not not all the way through like Armacell), that holds its shape much longer. It comes in 6 ft. lengths and is available at Home Depot and Ace Hardware. Sorry, I don’t know the brand name. Anyway, that’s the kind that I use. I glue the split together with contact cement and it holds the split together just fine, even better than the pre-glued type.


i just ordered the tongs in your link

and i’m wondering does this tongs roll like the power jelq ?


b1nzen48 set me straight on that: the rollers aren’t supposed to roll. The metal end pieces that go in either side of the rollers are square so the rollers aren’t able to rotate. It’s a good thing. That way the rollers grab you way down the shaft and sort of duplicate what your hand does when you dry jelq. (As has been noted earlier, you still don’t get the sides of your cock unless you turn the device sideways.)

And that link I provided is just one source for a canning jar lifter/power jelq device. Search for “canning jar lifter” and you’ll see a ton, or, if you have a decent gourmet cooking store near you, you can probably buy some tongs tomorrow for less than six or seven dollars.

One thing about the self-adhesing armacell foam for the rollers: cut it so it’s slightly wider than the width of the rollers — ideally the distance from one metal holder to the other. That allows you a wider space to jelq in, and permits a little sloppiness if you get distracted for some reason.


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