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Power-Jelq Device Roller Curvature

Power-Jelq Device Roller Curvature

After using the same set of rollers for a while, they have developed a kind of oval-shaped curve to them where they wrap around the member. I still get really decent workouts with the rollers like that. I may have to squeeze a bit harder, but it works fine.

My question is: Is there any advantage to using these “dented” rollers? Or is it better to replace them for new straight ones? Will using the dented rollers cause any damage to the penis?

I would think that the “O’ed” out rollers would more resemble the “OK” grip when doing manual jelqing, so maybe that’s a good thing. They’ve been working fine for me so far. Any thoughts?


I’ve never used the PJ, but I imagine the oval shape would be more beneficial assuming you were still able to keep proper pressure. It should engage more of the tunica and keep things moving forward better.

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