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Power Jelq and my routine

Power Jelq and my routine

Hi Everyone,

I have now been hand jelqing for approximately one week, but today I recieved my power jelq device, and tried it for the first time. I don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but this device seems to be really good. The jelqs seemed much more intense than regular hand jelqs, which I think is due to the added preassure the device exerts due to leverage. I am hoping that this will speed my journey to 9” x 7” and beyond.

I also wanted to tell you guys my routine and see if anyone has any suggestions, things to add or take away, etc. Here it is:

mon. - fri.
6 sets of 500 PC flexes
warm up in hot shower
power jelq 30 min.
cool down in hot shower

6 sets of 500 PC flexes


starting: 7” x 5.5”
goal: 9” x 7” and then some more

thanks for all the help guys

LOT at 8:00, questions


I just measured my LOT and it is at 8:00. Is this a good or bad thing and if it is good, how do I take advantage of it, what exercises should be done. I understand that LOT and ligaments are all about length, not girth. Do you think that power jelqing downwards will be effective in increasing length through stretching the ligs?

thanks for the help,


I’ve rediscovered my Powerjelq again and now currently use a M - F routine of 30 minutes of PJ at 80% erect followed by one hour vacuum pumping. The reason I went back to my PJ was to jumpstart some new erect length gains. The good news is that after two weeks, yesterday I was able to reach 7.75” erect BP, breaking a longstanding 7.5” plateau. My results are not permanent yet, but I know they will be soon. Like you, the jelq movements I get are equivalent to much more intense dryjelqs ( I don’t use lube) with a lot less effort.


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