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Post Workout Flaccid

Post Workout Flaccid

Within 20 minutes of finishing my workout, my member is back to it’s regular flaccid hang, even on the smaller end of my regular range.

Is my dick supposed to be hanging long and fat for hours after the workout or what? I think I have heard people mention that the engorged state stays for a long time. I’m not talking about using devices like the wrist strap (?) to keep a bigger flaccid size post workout, I’m talking about natural state.

My routine is mostly stretching with 15 minutes of jelqing in there somewhere, so maybe a more girth oriented routine would make the post-workout flaccid hang larger, but I’m grasping at straws here.

Any experiences on the matter?

A beaten and tired dick wants to pull back inside the body to heal. After hanging leave your wrap on for a while. I think most say about 20 minutes, but if you are in a situation like I am where you can check every 20 minutes and maybe squeeze old blood out of glands and pump in fresh, then I say keep it wrapped as long as you can. This will make your post workout hang last longer, plus force micro tears to heal extended.


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Thanks for the quick response, but I don’t hang and so I don’t wrap either. Do you think letting the penis get small and heal is hindering possible gains?

What do non-hangers do about this issue?

I have a question…

Is hanging easier than stretching?

I kinda find it hard to stretch and might check into a hanging device.

Hi ther guys:) ,

Esc, I think what happening to you is quite natural because its happening to me too. I also think what BIG said is true. He is a great guy, he teach me a lot.

For Imperator, I think the only difference is with manual stretching you don’t need to spend money because its your own hands while hanging you need to make some device. The result I think is almost the same its depend on your own body to respond. There are some members here who gains through manual stretching only(forgot their nick, but there are). Well keep jelqin:) . Seeya

Thank you for your response occa :D

I find it hard to stretch so I might invest in some stretch device in the future.

Hi there Imperator,

No sweat men, glad I could help. Keep us posted on your stretching device. Have a nice gain:) .

I notice that when I warm down thoroughly after workout (stretch, jelq, squeeze; I always get a nice buff from this, especially the squeezes), the weeine returns to normal size almostt instantly. Is it better not to warm down? Advice much appreciated.

Just keep doing what you are doing and the results will last longer and longer. You should start working up to 30 minutes jelq time if you can, because the after effects of the jelq will last longer then the after effects of stretching. The main thing is to keep going.

I was thinking that if I keep doing thorough warm downs, and the weeine returns to normal as usual, maybe I should get a nice big cockring erection after warm down… I don’t know — Is healing the unit in a buffy condition really optimal, or does it matter at all?

The penis retreating is definitely normal. When I first started jelqing over 2 years ago, after an intense workout my penis would be small. At first I thought some was wrong. I took a couple of days off and bingo the little guy was hanger lower. Just keep doing it and you will see gains. Even some doctors now agree that PE even pumping will result in a larger penis over a long period of time, ie a year, etc, etc

Don’t stop, take some rest days then start the workouts again. Slowly but surely you’ll get it.

Ideal - Keep warming down. Never discount heat as a viable part of your workout. You can always purchase the Threa wrap that some guys use here as an engorgement enhancer after the workout. As a matter of fact I am going to start using one of these.

Thanks, GrowingPains.

I’ll look into the wrap. Tomorrow I’m going to get myself a heat fan to use when jelqing/squeezeing in the livingroom. I do all the stretching with the showerhead directed over the unit and lig area; speaking of which — how far up the pubic/abdomen zone do the ligs go?

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