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Possibly Very DANGEROUS

Possibly Very DANGEROUS

I have an idea that is possibly dangerous or has allready been thought of.

Basically it’s a girth exercise that is easy to do, and I wanted some input before attempting this from some of the experienced PE’ers. First after a warm-up, become totally flaccid, then stretch out the penis and wrap something around it, like theraband, not all the way leaving a section exposed. For example if someone wanted base girth they would wrap starting about an inch from the base and up to the glands ( the 1st inch and the head would NOT be wrapped). Then stimulate to erection, and keep the erection for possibly 10 minutes or so ( according to desired intensity and experience with PE).

Basically the concept is this: Partially impede the erection in certain parts of the penis to expand others. I would really like to know what the EXPERIENCED PE’ers think and please DO NOT try this until someone of experience has said it’s OK, if it even is!!!

This is basically what is going on with the extreme Ulis using cable clamps. I usually clamp one right onto the Threaban in between hanging sets. Wrap is from base to about an inch from the glands, clamp close to body and kegal in blood until head is engorged, keep clamp on for the entire 10 minute rest period then remove clamp and squeeze out all the blood to reattach Bib for the next set. Keeping the glands engorged with fresh blood feeds the blood-starved cells and squeezing the blood out after 10 mins is like a strong Horse 440. I’ve gained a lot of head girth from this; I suppose it would stand to reason it would work in reverse for base girth. But you are right, the whole thing sounds pretty risky. Maybe we should get some advice from the more experienced vets on the matter. I also do bends while engorged, but this I’m sure is dangerous.


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I’ve done that with a pump. I wrapped the entire circ scar and a little below it, where I usually get the donut “blowout.” I then did a long pump session with heat. My head got huge and the shaft and base got really full, and no donut. If a serious pumper tried it all the time, it might have good effects.

GB, is right. That is basically what you are doing when you do many of the girth exercises that use both hands. Tight OK around the base, and tight OK behind the glans. You are controlling the areas of the shaft that get engorged.



I posted about this “phenomenon” a little while back. Check it out here.

I actually think that this exercise is safer than Uli’s because all you are relying on to expand your penis is your blood pressure and not some externally applied force. It seems that the reason that this extra girth occurs is that when you wrap the penis, it restricts the elongation of the tunica thus allowing it to “bow” out sideways.

I found that if I kept my erection and simply unwrapped, the extra girth would disappear as my erection lengthened.

I have since stopped this exercise as I am currently looking for extra length first. I did find that the extra girth lasted up until only about a few days ago, so the exercise definitely has merit.

Thankyou ALL for responding, VERY helpful.

Nice theory. I’ll try it out. :)

Great thread

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