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Possibly hit a plateau

Possibly hit a plateau

I have been doing PE on a fairly regular basis since November 2004. I was starting to see some gains in april 06 that increased my NBPEL and BPEL. I’ve experimented with a lot of different methods(hanging, clamping, bends). But, now since those gains in April, I’ve seemed to hit a wall since then. After those good gains(which I believed came from an increase in jelqs, and a decrease in hangs), I’ve yet to see any real gains.

Does anyone have any advice for this plateau I’ve hit? Here is my progress thread if anyone wants to see. I’ve updated it monthly.

My new progress report

Well seyz, I’ve been on a plateau since I started PE (but that’s OK..I’m patient) but that’s not why I’m responding. I’m just curious that you said you had good gains from more jelqing and less hanging and I’m curious to know if that’s just a “feeling” or if you’ve got emperical data.

I’ve actually gone the other way and reduced jelqs and upped hanging.

That’s what I did too. I was hanging a lot and jelqing maybe 2-3 times a month, if that much. And with hanging I seen very minimal gains. Then one month, I didnt have time to hang, so I jelqed more and got a surprising amount of gains in that month. Since then, I’ve been jelqing and not hanging and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Anyone have any input for me?

Try taking a 2 month decon. Seems to do the trick for most people. It did for me.

Babbis….2 months doing nothing? What did you notice when you started again after your break?

So your suggesting taking some time off totally from PE?

That is correct. What I noticed after I started again? Well, gains…

Babbis yes, I assumed that. What I wanted to know, was did they come at a markedly quicker rate than prior to your break? Do you simply attribute your gains to having a break?

Yes. I gained 0,8cm after my break. - The log of babbis

I believe we are conditioning our penis through PE-exercises and that the connective tissues eventually becomes so strong that growth stops. I also believe that this tissue weakens during a break and that this allows for additional growth.

INteresting Babbis. I’ve been going about a year now with not much too mention in the gains department and I’m trying to find ‘the magic formula’ (or at least something that will just give me a hint of gains!).

A decon break of 2 months doing absolutely nothing ?….hmm, feel like I will get itchy fingers.

Hehehe, I know, it is tough in the beginning but you get used to it. Have sex and work out the rest of your body during your break.

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