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Possible new girth exercise


Possible new girth exercise

Alright, well I’ve been trying to think up new crap forever since I think I need something new to jump start my gains again.

I’ve come up with something which has some good potential I think, but I haven’t really tested it yet. I’ve attached a picture to help in understanding.

Ok, so what you do is get somewhere between a 20% and 40% erection, and really clamp off hard at the base with one hand. With the other hand you grab below the glans, then you try to stretch your cock around something cylindrical. That’s essentially it, lol.

I tried it last night and the cylinder was a little too big, so I was pulling more downwards on the ends of my cock rather than pulling them towards each other. I did however feel a great tunica stretch. The tube circumference is critical. You don’t want something too big or else it’ll be too hard to do, and too small and the ends of your cock will meet. I think you want something basically where you can get your cock around it with each end of your cock a couple centimeters apart. Then you really try to force each end towards the other.

See the picture. Imagine one hand at each end of the pink thing, then pull in the direction of the arrows.

I suspect this might be good for people who like tunica tugs and orange bends.

I’m gonna go buy a smaller tube tonight and see where this goes. If you’re looking for tubes try the drug store. There are a bunch of different hair gels and stuff of good diameters.

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It would effectively be the same as a normal o-bend or stretch, except the stretch will be alot more evenly distributed along the shaft. Decent idea…

Yes, and I think it’s possible to put more force into it.

You’re limited on the amount of force for the orange bends because there’s no space between the two ends of your cock. This way there’s no limit.

I just tried staging for the first time and it was pretty enlightening. Now you’ve given me something else to do with my pump. Great Idea!!!!

It’s a TOW fulcrum stretch?

This is the same basic idea I discovered awhile ago:)

Except I figure it’d be best for length…

And if you want to do an overhand or underhand stretch it’s better to have two different things with different circumferences;)

I have an empty large size rubbing alcohol bottle for over and a smaller bottle of hair conditioner for under.

Neat idea, kinda resembles an inverted V stretch with a tube, only you really stretch the penis all around the tube.

That’s interesting, cause my penis is curved to the left, so maybe if I’ll do your stretch to the right, it’ll stretch the skin on the right more than the skin on the left and fix the curve.

By the way, how is it supposed to help girth?

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Hasn’t been working so well for me. It’s hard to get a tube of exactly the right size. I also tried stretching it over a much larger tube (over the top half of it), and it gave an ok stretch, but nothing amazing. So far orange bends are better.

It should help girth by stretching out the tunica. You’d have to read up on tunica composition. Basically, if you stretch the tunica lengthwise, the stretch in fibers will translate into an increase in circumference.

Read up on tunica tugs. These are stretch the tunica purely lengthwise, but give results for girth (some length might result as well),

I have did researchs , and I conclude that the tunica is formed by 95% of collagen and is divided in two “levels”:

-internal level with circumferential fibers

-external level with longitudinal fibers

If you have gains in tunica in length , the quantity of the circumférential fibers stay the same. I conclude that to gain in girth is better to have already gained in length.

The fibers of collagen have the form of a spring where the circles are attached by elastin. If you break elastin , scar tissue (ollagen type III) take the place.

I think the tunica is like tendon, if you want to expand her, you have reach the deformation plastic point that correspond by an increase of 10%.

With another researchs, I have found that you can expand collagen fibers ,without break them, if you heat collagen at 45° celcius with a light stretch.

Now I tell myself, If you want to gain in girth you to :

Make a pression to reach the plastic deformation point
Heat enough and make light pressure. But I have no routine for my “theory”

I’m sorry for my very bad english…

Wrap duct tape around it if you need to increase the size;)

I’ll take some pics showing what I’m talking about:)

Anyone ever try twisted pulls? Basically twist your flaccid cock (however many turns… I do like 1 or 1.5), grab below the glans, and pull.

I know this was described in another thread, but I forget where. Anyway, I just tried some, and it definitely feels like a good stretch on the tunica, but I have no idea whether it’s actually doing anything or not.

Anyone try this with results?

I’ve tried them. Come to think of it, I don’t know why I ever stopped doing them- they gave me really great flaccid expansion…

Really? How much?

Hey ,

How do you think about use a nutcracker to do girth execices like clamp?

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