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possible gains or inflamation?

possible gains or inflamation?

I’ve been hitting hard on the girth. I can’t seem to get a good length routine so i said hell with it.

Last saturday i measured 5 3/8 EG after working out. Yesterday i measured 5 5/8 EG after working out. When i started a couple months ago I was at 4 7/8-5” EG.

My problem:

It goes away! Today I measured 5” before doing any work then after my 3 routines I was back at 5 5/8. It stays for awhile then slowly goes back down. I can get my EG to increase more if I decide to add more Uli’s. But it always goes back down.

Can all this gain possibly be just inflamation of the skin or fluid buildup? Or am i really expanding the shaft? I hope I’m not getting the old “pumpers” gain because that was frustrating and caused me to quit PE back then.

I just don’t see how I can gain 5/8 and not be doing some intense stretching to my inner shaft. When I measure I’m hard as a rock, not soft and thick so obviously my tunica has to be expanded.

Any adive as to if I should continue this to possibly cement this temp increase or am I basically just adding fluid gains?

Thanks in advance

100 jelq
4 semi-erect bends
4 30 sec Uli
100 jelq
4 bends again, 4 Ulis again
3 minute break
40, 30 sec Ulis

2-3x’s daily

Sounds to me like theres some potential gains there. I would stick with it and i imagine that over time, the microtears that you are inducing will be repaired leaving you thicker and longer than before. Stick with it, it looks to me like your on the right track :)

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