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Portable, concealed heat pad

Portable, concealed heat pad

I am one of the many guys who is forced to PE in secret. I am currently looking for another means of warming up in nothing but the security of a bathroom stall in a dorm. I don’t think a mug of water would work very well for this, so I am at least researching other means. The ideal device would be battery operated. It needs to generate a good about of heat and be renewable. Also, microwaves can’t be involved. It’s quite the challenge. Does anyone know of such a device?

I saw mention of battery operated hunter’s socks. Has anyone tried this, or experimented with similar devices?

I think you’re on the right track, you should be looking into hunting/survival gear. I think there are heat pads sold in sporting goods stores that when you crush them a chemical reaction causes them to become hot. Then after this wears off in a few hours it can be “recharged” by boiling the bag. I don’t know if you can do this but who knows maybe you can make an excuse like you need it for a bad shoulder while you sleep.

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Outdoor gear is a good idea. Look for battery-powered socks. I think I’ve also seen devices that use lighter fluid in a catalyzed reaction to generate heat (no flame!) for outdoorsmen to carry in their pockets, etc, to keep hands warm. Check and They’ve both been around a while & are reputable.

Let us know what you find!


Why not get into a hot shower, jelq and stretch in there. Take 20 or 30 minute showers. Even jerk off every once in a while after your routine.

I think that’s what I would do in a dorm. Unless only shower curtains are used. Then you need the privacy of a toilet stall.

Ahhh, I remember College.

I lived in a house tho with 3 other guys… each with our own room. But I did not know of PE at the time. Darn! Fucked the most amount of girls with the least amount of dick.

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