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Popularity of PE - where will it be in 10 years - will everyone be 10inches?

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THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


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How young do you think would it be safe to start PEing? I think somewhere a tribe with huge cocks starts penis enlargement at a young age, as in before puberty, so that when puberty comes, it makes it even bigger. This is info that men should pass on to their kids as soon as possible so they can reap maximum benefit from it. Way better than a trust fund!

I think the interest in PE as leveled off somewhat I think most people have heard of it and most choice not to believe. It will keep growing because it’s just too easy for the people to make a buck off the people looking for the easy way. Shit look at penis pills how can anybody believe that taking a pill will increase penis size.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

“Shit look at penis pills how can anybody believe that taking a pill will increase penis size.”

For the exact reason you said. Many people are looking for the easy way. Thus, they want to believe that there in fact IS an easy way.

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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

PE will be as popular as a six pack of abs. Everyone knows about the exercises, no one will put the time in to make the results happen

That’s because most people want to do things the easy way. Shit they even got people like Peter North and Lexington as endorsed by Extenz (sp?) to “feed the monkey behind the cage” aspect… Who knows if it works :-Y I don’t trust it one bit. And for the people that pump plus put silicone in there dicks I think are just trying to be front of the line for the next name at the next discovered planet. So why don’t we all shuttle them to that planet of excessive dickdom so they can all jump and flop around like hippie dickies and have tea and biscuits since they are the “enlightened ones” that “challenge” the “underdeveloped crowd” ;(

Originally Posted by gogojvc
PE will be as popular as a six pack of abs. Everyone knows about the exercises, no one will put the time in to make the results happen

Brilliant analogy

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’ve read through most of this thread, and yes I do agree that it would take a great deal of time before PE becomes accepted as legit. However, once said evidence (scientific study, physiological discovery, whatever it may be) is thrown into the media and people start adjusting their attitudes, PE will skyrocket.

In general, it would be more believable that something as intricate as enlarging a body part would take a great deal of time, which was what got me to be a believer.. 3 months is a VERY short time to grow 2-4 inches as per penis pills even when comparing to musculature (arms, legs circumference etc.).

But if a sincere ad came onto a mass multimedia venue besides the Internet (television) stating as it’s primary logic for enlargement was perseverance and consistency as the keys to the mega-phallus castle (with a minimum trial period of 6-12 months), a much larger percentage of the male population would at least attempt it as it’s legitimacy and a good percentage of them would see some results.

Now, I know we all obsess over the 8x6 ideal, but it is very possible that most men who would begin PE, once mainstreamed, would only be out for an inch or so (probably only in length b/c that’s what we all compare in the locker room or in discussion) and NOT catch the growth bug so many of our members have gotten (I.e. Just another .5” on girth and .25 on length and I’ll own that CDS). Your average male under 25 gets his rocks off way before his woman would have a chance, so it’s not like everyone is doing this for their partner’s benefit, as many of you married men in here are doing (at least in part).

Although I may have exaggerated that last bit too much, you get my idea; given a non-ideal answer (6-12 months) increases legitimacy and therefore membership to PE forums consequently leading to a greater percentage of the population active in PE.

We are also forgetting a very important part of the PE spectrum.. The women (or partner.. To be PC). If some gutsy, neo-feminist, sexually confident (and significantly large #) of uninhibited women start to openly praise PE as a group, calling it a “benefit to all things sexual” or some crap like that, you’ll see every man who ever considered is penis size an issue to be signing up for MoS, TP, or massive member PDQ. Hell those crazy pheromone things sell almost as well as the penis enlarging pills; if a man thinks a larger penis itself will attract more women, despite what he thinks of his size, he’ll wanna raise his chances of scoring.

Finally, to bring it closer to home, at least for myself, we consistently overlook the youth of America.. I’m 19 myself and I know for a fact my peers’ ideas on this subject are much more malleable than that of my parents generation. What if a massive PE campaign was launched during college spring break season (mid-march till the end of april) as a viable route for scoring more chicks next spring with an extra 1”+ to boot?

Guys my age are walking hard-ons just looking for a hole; just like the cigarette companies, “Hook ‘em while they’re young.” What with the majority of 18 year-olds now attending (or trying to attend) college.. This would spread like wildfire if it had any such evidence/backing. I’ve personally considered discussing this behind closed doors at chapter with my frat (lol have us known as the “biggest guys on campus” would be sweet) after I’ve made some serious gains because they know I wouldn’t be lying. Now that would be a long interesting thread, but gotta wait till I gain big first ^_^

Anyhow, don’t doubt the male desire to be more than the next guy. I live in the youth generation-x world where you’re looked down upon if you don’t go to the gym, compete in everything etc etc.

As Achilles said in the movie Troy (Pitt sucks but it is a good quote) “I just want what every man wants.. More.”

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Brilliant analogy

The flaw - or potential flaw - is that if you can put in 1-2 years of work and keep your PE gains forever vs a set of six pack abs is a constant vigilance all of your life.

Then many more people will have a large one.

Don’t fool yourself it seems PE requires some but I’m not sure how much of a constant vigilance. A lot of people lose gains some more than others. PE is easier for me than a six pack:) . I seem to lose some girth if I’m in a hanging mode.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I agree Dino.

Guys, guys we are all overlooking something here. Keeping in mind that people tend to want what they cannot have, and want what society considers popular - assuming in 10 years the average IS 10 inches; wouldn’t it be more likely that a girl wants to try something different whether it be a smaller dick, or say a much larger dick, just because it’s something different?

I know sounds taboo, and everyone is thinking WTF he’s only got a few posts what’s he know.but consider that with time people’s views of what is sexy has changed. In the past 100 years what is considered sexy about a woman’s figure to mainstream society has changed from liking more filled out large girls, to skinnier girls, to more muscular toned girls with more fat in the breasts, hips, and buttocks.

What’s to say the same couldn’t happen on views of the penis?

Yeah ultimately we have to keep in mind that the size and exact shape and angularity of the penis can give the woman more pleasure based on how her vagina is maybe once we start researching it a bit more, we’ll know EXACTLY what degree angle an erection should be, the exact girth at what areas of the penis, and the exact length necessary to accommodate well for most vaginas.

Originally Posted by Jelqist
I am not saying I want everyone to find out about natural PE and force the ‘average’ up, but what man wouldn’t want to increase the size of his penis? ( Answer = someone with 8x6 or more - less than 5% of the population )

Yo bro, it’s not a little less than 5 percent of the world that is 8x6 or more. I think it’s more like less than 0.5%.

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Originally Posted by lexx

I don’t agree. The more people know about PE, the harder everyone will have to work and larger the average will be. Look at weightlifting. Maybe aroudn ten years ago, only some poeple did it. These days, pretty much everyone goes to the guym at least once a week. Due to this, most people these days are getting bigger and bigger and it makes the rest of us have to work even harder and longer constantly. Remember, weighttraining also take dedication and effort, but the gyms and health-club are more popular than ever.

true, but I don’t think pe will grow as fast as bodybuilding will because it is a much more sensitive issue. It’s our Secret!!

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Body building you have to maintain; PE you have to maintain. It works both ways if you want the targeted sector to be healthy. Why wouldn’t you want to maintain PE anyway; this is fun stuff no?


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