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Popularity of PE - where will it be in 10 years - will everyone be 10inches?

Well call me selfish but I don’t want a harder time on my road to feeling good about myself!

Selfishness aside I think there will be slight growth in the number of people doing this kind of thing. It’s easy enough to join a program, there are hundreds out there, but I don’t think many people will stick with it.

I’ve known this path for a long time, and it’s taken me three years of knowing to walk it. Here I am now, I’m walking it and I’m going to for as long as I can, or until I reach my goals.

Committing yourself is really hard, and I don’t think many people have it in them to change and put in the time.

And if they do, well I’ll hopefull be a few years ahead.

I don’t think it would change anything, I believe all men at some level want four things. Superior fighting ability, superior bedroom skills, a good physique and pack some serious equipment. If you look at physique and fighting skills as examples, there are proven methods for developing these, however; few men will put forth the effort necessary to achieve them. I think PE sounds too good to be true, so most guys will sit on the couch, have a beer, and wish for these things.

2. Weights alone with lengthy, consistent use can give a small increase in penis length. However, the results are not sufficient to satisfy most men.

This was at

Atleast he did admit that it works…..Kind of…

They say to hang (with a $400 hanger) for 8 months or more. The quote even said that “aggressively using the after care device could even increase the size of your erect penis.” Personally, I think that it does more than that. He knows the truth but doesnt want to ruin his $10,000 a penis gig he has going.

I need a name change THUNDER…….. What was I thinking? lol


You wrote…

“Lets face it guys like myself that spend hours and hours for years getting there dick bigger, we must have some kind of screw loose.”

Myself I don’t see that. I think the analogy of going to gym is a good one…to make your body more muscular, toned, etc.

The thing I’m curious about is group enlargineg dick (ED..I prefer this over PE).

I’m running a poll at several Yahoo site to get a handle on this question.
Seems thus far that gay/bisexual men have pumped with other guys, but only a few straight guys have done that.

Any comment(s)? How many of you have done ED with buds…would you be comfortable?

OR eon

In my opinion it’s gonna be either A or B.

A: Assuming that PE is maintained on and off for 10 years, we’ll have no problems whatsoever, other than being another 10 years older, and with bigger dicks.


B: In 10 years, we’ll all be making frequent visits to urologists and having operations to correct our fucked up dicks, since that’s the time frame for how long it took to discover that PE actually DID have long term damage that no one was aware of until 6 - 8 years after PEing.

Personally, I am keeping my fingers crossed for A.

You guys are right - most guys are way too freakin lazy to do this. It’s the same with working out in gyms. I don’t know how many guys told me they wanted to bench over 400 when they saw me doing it - but not 1 in 25 showed any real dedication - beyond a couple months. The same with dieting - look how many fat people there are.

If PE were to reach every household in America, sure there’d be some increase in guys doing it, but very very few with any real dedication (especially considering how long it can take to make noticeable gains with PE). So……..don’t worry. :)

Originally posted by j384

In 10 years, we'll all be making frequent visits to urologists and having operations to correct our fucked up dicks, since that's the time frame for how long it took to discover that PE actually DID have long term damage that no one was aware of until 6 - 8 years after PEing.

I honestly don’t think this will be a problem at all - just like weight training. When done properly, the body can hoist heavy poundages & build significant muscle - without long term damage. In my youth, I used to routinely set 1/4 ton on my shoulders and squat with it, up and down. Now, at age 38, I have NO spinal, hip, or knee problems whatsoever.

If you PE wild & recklessly, sure you may injure yourself - but if you’re careful, I believe it’s just dick exercise, like regular training.

I have no fear of longterm injuries.

Originally posted by teoman
I had started a similar thread in the past, and I still believe that PE becomes more and more widespread as time goes on. In my country, I taught this stuff to hundreds of guys. For sure, 90 % of them will quit, but the rest will achieve some gains and pass their experiences to new boys just like I did. This motion may not increase the average penis size, but there will be more huge dick guys for sure.

You´re from Turkey, right? I read that some condom company was going to start business in Turkey and made a servey to check the average size of the turkish penis, and supposedly that was 18 cm, which is just above 7”, any truth in that?

That´s a big average, makes one understand what people had against the Ottoman empire ;)

The art of conversation is not a martial art

Sheesh and here I am hanging weights between 3 and 5 hours a day…averaging 4 hours daily the last couple days…what’s wrong with me? Say, my BPSFL is looking a little longer…nah…must be my imagination…time to cut back to 3 hours a day…then 2 hours a day…ah hell I really only have time to hang an hour a day…I mean this stuff is such a CHORE…whew…what was I thinking wanting a bigger dick? How selfish of me! Where’s that bag of Ruffles? Ah yes, beer, ruffles, my couch, my T.V….sigh ignorance …er denial is bliss eh? LOL.

Originally posted by Jelq4Life
I think one day the average penis will go up because of pe oh how I dread that day!! but all in all I think about a million or 2 will gain an inch or so then give up! But then theres the guys like us with the loose screws LOL! I'd say as of right now there seems to be maybe somewhere under 5 thousand guys that will work at it for 2-3 and yes 4 years! and as pe gets bigger and more people know of it there maybe like 100 thousand guys like us. In the next
5 years when I think eveyone will have seen a pe site, and I mean every one those pe site guys push this shit like a motha!
Well any ways in the next 5 years I think it will catch on with the younger age guy's 13-20 and they will be the ones to bring the average up.

Well……bumping this up and adding my .02 cents

I think everyday more and more people find-out about PE and there will be a increase in size but odds are it will still be a low percentage overall..I have said this on another site all PE sites should no longer let newbies in or let them view material. So that we all remain above average.. ;)

Re: Popularity of PE - where will it be in 10 years - will everyone be 10inches?

Originally posted by Jelqist
Have you guys noticed that PE is becoming more and more heard-of, by the day??

I overheard two men talking about PE on my bus home yesterday and when I did get home, I go on the internet to find some porn, only to see tons of sites advertising natural penis enlargement etc.

My question is, do you think PE will soon become common knowledge therefore resulting in a national increase in penis size?

- What percentage of Americans do you reckon already know about PE?

——> Soon the average penis size will be 8”, LOL.

1. No.
2. No.
3. .5%
4. No it won’t. Don’t stress it.

lexx & phat, you both make some valid points….

While PE probably is becoming more common, I don’t think the “average” will get to be 8 inches, like phat asks….however, as lexx pointed out, more weight trainers have raised the bar in weight lifting - no pun intended.

Back in the 1940’s my 435-lb bench with a competition pause (lifetime drug free) would’ve been a huge deal. I would’ve been among the strongest men on the planet. In the 1950’s, still strong but guys like Paul Andersen crashed the scene with his 627 bench & other freakish lifts - but I still would’ve been among the top 1 or 2% in the world.

The 1960’s? Nope. There were so many 500 benchers, even some 600 benchers & Jim Williams did a 700 around 1970 or so.

I know that most - if not all - of the top lifters today are roid junkies, but my 435 bench, even in the late 80’s-early 90’s was no big deal. I wasn’t even the best bencher at my local gym!

So lexx does make a good point….more & more lifters have pushed the numbers way up, and to achieve “distinction” you have to put up some crazy-assed poundages. The same will be true with PE. Not everybody will do it, of course, but I bet the criteria for a “big dick” will also become inflated….8” sure as hell won’t do it. There will be more & more guys with 10, 11 even 12” cocks - which more women will have seen (& experienced)….so, you won’t be shocking any gals with 8-8.5 inches, for sure.


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