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Popularity of PE - where will it be in 10 years - will everyone be 10inches?

If the world had common knowledge of the existance of PE, the urologists of the world would be working a lot of overtime fixing broken dicks.


I am new but if they continue to say it isnt possible to do it and you guys keep it quite……….Then only the needy and desperate will find it out……And the greedy will capitalize of them…..This isnt new, it’s been around since the beginning of time and still no one wants to believe it….Thats A OK with me………

With time, it will become part of sex education in american high schools. 8x6 will be the standard.

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

Wrong choice of words….I meant to say the smart and obsessed.

I was thinking that we should start a misinformation campaign about PE, but then when you think about it for a while, you see that there is already a lot of it out on the internet (Pills, creams, etc.). Medical community seems to be on our side as well, they instantly cry foul whenever someone mentions PE, pills, creams. This should keep a lot of people away from PE.

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

Even if it did become much more common, so what? A big one is a big one regardless.

I had started a similar thread in the past, and I still believe that PE becomes more and more widespread as time goes on. In my country, I taught this stuff to hundreds of guys. For sure, 90 % of them will quit, but the rest will achieve some gains and pass their experiences to new boys just like I did. This motion may not increase the average penis size, but there will be more huge dick guys for sure.

Soon to be 9''.

I think that people on average are very lazy and looking for quick fixes for their problems, not long and hard consistent work. So PE probably won’t become mainstream, but I think the market for pills and mechanical devices will grow (hm, how can I make money with that? :-) )

Gym memberships have gone up like mad here in Germany, but there is also a lot of fluctuation. The average gym member doesn’t train consistently because it requires a lot of effort and dedication. So while the average fitness level maybe goes up a little, it’s nothing dramatic.

On the other hand, there are people with inferiority complexes, both with respect to their bodies or their members. Those people are willing to go to almost everything to get results (both effort and money, again a lot of money to be made here). If they are lucky and given sound advice like in my case with you guys here and they see gains, they will persist and achieve. But those are probably the minority.

"Denn wer ewig strebend sich bemüht, den können wir erlösen"

Goethe, Faust II

Well for everyone here, if we just keep PEing, then in 10 years, we’ll still be bigger than everyone else. :)


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Originally posted by MDC
Even if it did become much more common, so what? A big one is a big one regardless.

I don’t want more competition. :D

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Originally posted by MDC:
“Even if it did become much more common, so what? A big one is a big one regardless. “

That’s the “problem”. What is a big one today seizes to be a big one when it becomes the average. Then, it is just an average one.

Don’t worry though, the chances of that happening are slim.

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

It’s probably been discussed several times in other threads, but this topic was also addressed here a few months ago: Where will PE be in a year?

Some of the posts are kind of ironic in retrospect.

I think that the average will go up. My logical argument:

1. Men with smaller or much smaller than average penises are desperate to change that.

2. Therefore, most of these men (perhaps as high as 75%) will find PE, try it, and stick with it.

3. Most men believe that the average penis size is larger than it really is.

4. That creates more men who thnk they are smaller or much smaller than average.

5. 20% of men are indeed smaller than average.

6. My best guess is that 30% of men believe they are smaller than average.

7. These men will be determined enough to seek out a solution, find and stick with PE.

8. This will reshape the smaller end of the bell curve of penis sizes up such that the people under 5 inches will be extremely rare.

9. Other men who are average will still want to be bigger (a much smaller percentage than the one’s that are under average though).

10. Other men who are larger than average (much lower percentage) will still PE.

Conclusion: Most likely 75% of all those who are considered under average, or think that they are, will be persistant enough to gain an inch or two and we will be on our way to eliminated really small sizes and skew the average up.

its like bodybuilding or becoming proficent in a martial art. all the info is there for people to use but, its one thing knowing the path and its another walking the path.

Re: My Thoughts

We have had threads about this before, but ya gotta love the topic.

Originally posted by seijaku
Just because exercise in general is so polular now in America and there are more health clubs than ever before, does not mean that people are in better shape. Studies show that Americans are in fact FATTER than ever, even though health club memberships are thru the roof.

Bottom line is that people are down right lazy. PE will become more popular 10 years from now, but most men will NOT do it becasue it takes a lot of work, patience, persistance, and effort.

The knowledge will be there, just like it is in the health & fitness industry, but will it be used? I think NOT!!

Yes! In the US at least the perception of what you should look like has gotten tougher and tougher, while the reality for most is a big flabby belly. This might actually work to our advantage as more and more women will expect an 8”er while few will have one.

Oh just in case we are wrong…fight club!

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