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Lately I’ve been hanging OTS. More accurately, using the hanger to stretch upward since I’m going for high tension and short time. I usually hang a set BTC as a warmup, then hang two 15 minute sets OTS while pacing around, varying the tension in intervals by pressing down on the weights and leaning forward/backward slightly. The stretch is incredible - far greater than can be done using hands alone.

The odd thing is on the second OTS set (when I’m using the most tension) I can get a repeatable pop on the left side. It isn’t audible, but felt. To make it happen I ease up the tension, kegel, then relax my PC and lean back, pulling very hard. The pop only occurs on the left side, usually when the strap is over my right shoulder.

I guess either the CC or ligs on that side are snapping into a divet or low spot on my pubic bone. Kegeling without tension, or only light tension, pulls whatever it is back out and resets for another pop.

Prior to this I’ve only had one lig pop in my PE career. That happened when stretching straight down and swinging my hips side to side.

I experienced something like that on the left side of my dick at the base while stretching. It felt funny, like a shoulder joint coming out of the socket then going back in again. I didn’t like it. I wondered: “What the fuck was that?!”

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